Actor Iqram Dinzly Shocked Fans With ‘’Illuminati’’ & Freemanson Symbols

‘’Why is he acting strangely?’’, actor Iqram Dinzly once again stole netizens’ attention when he was seen emulating the symbol Illuminati and Freemanson on IG Live a couple of days back. 

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Apa komen #JNN ? #poster Jangan lupa baca Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim sebelum lontarkan komentar dibawah ni ya . Gunakan bahasa yang baik baik sahaja , ya . 💛

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In a quick Instagram Live session, Iqram can be seen wearing weird black outfits while acting strangely on camerahe then uploaded a couple of screeneshots from his IG Live with both hands forming a triangular symbol with the names of Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad SAW and Prophet Adam AS. 


His actions caused a great deal of discomfort among netizens. In fact, some called out Iqram’s weird behavior and stated that the triangular symbols could lead to him deviating from the true Islamic faith.


Iqram, however, was reluctant to reply to almost all comments left by the netizens. What do you guys think? We’re still wondering what exactly his action is…