Abused Child Model Goes Viral, A Wake Up Call To Brands

Most would agree that home is every kids safe haven. For some, it is hell-like. A place where the monsters live to abuse. Recently, news of a 3 year old abused by her mother sparked anger among netizens.

The little girl, Niu Niu, is a popular model in China. In a video circulating in social media on 6th April, it showed the mother mercilessly kicking the toddler in public, while she was allegedly at a modelling shoot.

A 3-year-old child model kicked by her mother

A 3-year-old child model was kicked by her mother during a photo shoot. The mother has apologized, but netizens are questioning if she’s exploiting her daughter for financial gain. Read more: http://ow.ly/EPl250pRlc4

Posted by Sixth Tone on Khamis, 11 April 2019

Following this incident, all of the online stores associated with Niu Niu pulled out all the photos and videos of the child from their websites. Not only that, 110 online stores also signed a petition to advocate child model welfare.

Fashion Brands Are Only Boycotting The Mum After 3 Abuse Videos! 

But why only now? The abuse started a long time ago. That’s right, this isn’t the first time Niu Niu has been abused. Another footage recorded back in March 2019, showed the “mom” threatening and hitting the child with a coat hanger.

But wait, there’s a third video, where the mom can be heard saying, “Say hello, quick, say hello. Smile for me. Shake your bum. Swirl,” before almost hitting her.

How hypocritical… While the brands took up an action for the abuse, it took awhile for them to act upon it. WHY?

14 Child Abuse Cases Are Reported Daily 

In Malaysia, The Welfare Department’s statistics reported that about 14 child abuse cases happen each day. That’s not included the ones that go unreported. While the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), in just five months of 2018, there were 2,596 cases of child abuse in the country.

Source: NST/ Muhammad Asyraf Sawal

Remember the case of the 10 year old Melaka boy, who was beaten up till he was unconscious and chained to a gas cylinder by his step-father? Who knows if the boy would have still been alive if it hadn’t been for the neighbour’s quick action in reporting merciless abuse. The worst part, this was all because the boy refused to go to school on that day.

Exposing The Child’s Identity Can Do More Harm Than Protect 

Honestly, are we doing enough in protecting kids against violence? Why are we uploading videos of abuses to social media? The first thing we should act upon is reporting the incident to authorities. Have we thought about the damage we could have imposed to kid? Think twice before clicking that share button.

Here’s what you should if you suspect a child abuse case:- 

  • Call the Talian Kasih telephone line 15999
  • Make a report at the nearest Social Welfare Office
  • Report at any nearby police station
  • Inform of the abuse case at the hospital, at the Emergency Department/Outpatient Department. The child will then be directly sent to the One Stop Crisis Center in the hospital.

In your report, include:-

  • Name of child
  • Location/Address
  • Reason for suspicion
  • Your name and contact, if possible, so that JKM (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) can contact you if the child cannot be found.

Do your part as a responsible citizen and not a netizen.