FYI, Abortion Is Legal In M’sia

Abortion is such a taboo topic not only here in Asia but all around the world. We each have our own opinions on being pro-life or pro-choice. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to abortion and it all really depends on your ethics and personal principals.

Merriam Webster defines abortion as the termination of a pregnancy which will be closely followed by the death of embryo or fetus.

Most of us would assume that abortion is illegal here and according to the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance of Malaysia (RRAAM), majority of women and men do no not know the legal status of abortion.

So is it actually illegal? In a way, yes except under three circumstances. Section 312 of the Penal Code states that the termination of  pregnancy can be done if :

  • The pregnancy poses a risk to the life of the pregnant woman
  • The pregnancy risks an injury to mental or physical health of the pregnant woman
  • Is undertaken by a registered medical practitioner

Because there isn’t enough coverage in the media, health services along with social welfare personnel and women’s crisis services on abortion did not know the legal conditions of abortion. What was so interesting is that this survey by RRAAM revealed that only 57% of health professionals (120 doctors and nurses) are aware about the legal status of abortion.

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But the topic on abortion is so heavy and deep that there lots of things to consider. It’s absolutely normal to many different feelings and thoughts, hence it’s essential to get factual, non-judgmental information about abortion.

To know more on this issue or if you face an unwanted pregnancy, don’t be afraid to seek help from the RRAAM hotline via SMS or WhatsApp +6012-4772551. Also, listen out to Likely’s Off Limits podcast, where Nadee and Grace share their own views on the topic of abortion right here.