90’s Barrettes Are Back & Here Are 5 Ways To Style Them

Yep, barrettes are officially a thing, and they’re not back as cute but badass gadgets from Totally Spies. The world of street style is abuzz with these butterfly hair clips, which were popular in the 90’s. The attendees and models of the latest New York Fashion Week wore their barrettes loud and proud.

Even in the 90’s, they were worn mostly by children. Now adults have taken to these hair clips, and they’re styling it with a great flair for fashion.

Barrettes are big, bold, and ready for the ‘gram. Here are 5 ways you can style your hair with barrettes and be ready to flip your hair on the runway.

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1. With the 90’s center parting

This seems to be the most popular way to style barrettes. It’s also the most simple and sophisticated. Simply part your hair at the center and clip both sides with the same stylish barrettes for symmetry. Twist your hair back to nicely frame your face.

2. Clip just one side of your hair

If you want to keep to your side parting because it’s your better angle, clip the heavier side of your hair with barrettes. Go simple with just one or slay the runway with three different barrettes. It’s such a decorative way to show off the texture of your hair, unlike a boring bun.

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3. Barrettes at the back

The lazy girl style saves the day. If you’re not into styling your hair but want to look semi-interesting, here’s a style for you. Gather most of your hair at the back of your head and secure it with a large, visible and interesting-looking barrette. This hairstyle can make even a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit look so much more put together.

4. Asymmetrical barrettes

If you’re a babe who absolutely detests framing your face – especially when it’s way too early to look pretty – asymmetrical barrettes may just work for you. Tuck your hair behind your ears and place your barrettes deliberately askew at both sides. Gorgeous!

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5. Go bold or go home!

When you’re styling your hair with barrettes, you gotta go big and bold, or go home. Colourful, bulky and vibrant barrettes are so in season. If you feel like small barrettes look ridiculous on you and can’t hold your hair up, big barrettes are the way to go. Otherwise, layer barrettes on top of one another for a cool girl look.

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