9 Ways To Deal With Frizzy Hair

Writer: Farah Karim

Having frizzy hair can be a problem. Whether you have naturally curly and frizzy hair or the humidity is just too much for it to handle, this is the one thing that can be annoying and frustrating to deal with.

They say prevention is better than cure and that’s quite true. Instead of spending loads of money on hair products and a trip to the hair dressers, you can do these DIY tips and tricks to prevent your frizz from getting worse:

Source: Tim Mossholder/Pexel

1. Don’t brush it

While you might be tempted to brush your hair, don’t do it. It’ll only cause more frizz and static from the plastic teeth. If you do want to brush your hair, do it with a wooden brush or a brush that’s has a wide-tooth. If you don’t have one, then it’s okay to brush your hair with your fingers. Just make sure you don’t pull at any knots or tug at your hair as it’s already super fragile and any pressure will make it worse.

2. Wash with cold water

To avoid your hair from fraying at the ends, try finishing off your bath with cold water. While hot water is fine during the shower, finishing off with cold water will help seal the moisture inside your hair cuticles instead of letting it evaporate when you rinse off with hot water. Hot water also causes your hair to lose its strength in the long run while cold water will help retain it.

3. Use conditioner

The reason why your hair is frizzy is because of the lack of moisture. If you’re not using conditioner, we would recommend that you start using one pronto. It doesn’t just moisturise your locks, but also help weigh down the frays that are causing your hair look frizzy. With ingredients like keratin, protein and natural oils, trust conditioner to help manage the frizz and put the shine back onto your hair.

Source: Element5 Digital/Pexel

4. Don’t blow-dry too often

If hot water isn’t good for your hair, heat won’t do it either. Blow-drying is the worst of all as you’re just blowing heat and causing the moisture inside to evaporate. If you must, use a heat protectant to protect your locks from any further damage. Otherwise, air dry your hair until it’s 10% damp before you start using the blow-dryer.

5. Tie your hair in a bun

Letting your hair loose will expose your locks to the humidity. But if you’re someone who looks good with “second-day hair”, tying it up is a good idea as it’ll keep your frizz at bay and once you let it down, the frizz reduces significantly. It’ll keep your hair from flying all over the place while at the same time preventing any further breakage from happening.

6. Touching it

No matter how tempting it is — Don’t. Touch. It. Running your fingers through your frizzy tresses will only make it worse as all the movement and tugging might break the strands. Because of how brittle and dry frizzy hair is, it’s more prone to breaking than regular hair. Touching your hair before it completely dries is another mistake we all make and apparently, it can break up the strands even more!

Source: João Jesus/Pexel

7. Towel drying it

This is one bad habit that many people have. When towel drying your hair, try not to rub it against the towel to get all the water out. Instead, pat it dry or wrap your hair with a cotton t-shirt to quicken the absorption. You can use a microfiber towel that’ll work more gently compared to commercial towels as it’ll dry your hair faster, thanks to the soft material it’s made out of which will less likely cause fraying.

8. Trim it

Go for a trim every once in awhile. With frizzy hair, you’re more likely to have split ends and these split ends will just continue to fray and make your hair look frizzier than normal. Every few weeks is an ideal time frame to keep your curls looking bouncy, healthy and frizz-free. Pro Tip: Layering your hair will help tone down the amount of frizziness while giving your hair more definition.

9. Washing too often

This is something you already know, but a lot of people still practice washing their hair on a daily basis. It’s the Malaysian weather, we get it — But doing this will strip your hair of its natural oils that keep your scalp hydrated. Cleansing twice a week or every other day will gives your hair enough time to recover. If you can’t stand having an oily scalp that smells funky, you can try co-washing (conditioner washing) or opt for dry shampoo instead. Remember, you should spray the dry shampoo on the first night of not washing your hair because using it on the second day will be too late!