8 Tips For Solo Festival-Goers To Find Party Friends At GVF

We’ve all heard of solo travelling. It’ fun, enlightening and challenging at the same time. But solo festival-ing.. Um, is that even a thing?

Sure it is! In fact, I went to my first ever festival, Sunburst MY, back in 2009 alone because I couldn’t find anyone who would vibe with me. And that’s when I knew that I don’t need a “squad” to enjoy music. When you go by yourself, you can do whatever you like, without having to worry about what your friends or partner wants to do.

You are completely free.

Source: Good Vibes Festival 2017

If you want to socialize, believe me, you won’t have trouble — just make some concert friends. Most of them will be happy to connect with you, if you just make yourself open to them. Smile, say hello, ask a question, strike up a conversation. Nervous? Don’t be scared! Just follow these tips, and you’re good to go:

1. Social media is key, as always

The first rule of solo festival-ing is to keep yourself updated with the festival’s social media accounts, as well as their unofficial Facebook groups. This way, you won’t miss out on important updates such as show cancellations or free food. Besides, you can also reach out to other solo festival goers if they’d like to meet up at the event.

2. Share transport to get there

There’s no harm in asking other people if they are going to GVF. Maybe they have leads for a ride or want to share. If not, no worries! Because lucky for you, Good Vibes Fest has partnered up with Klook to offer an amazing ride-sharing deal which starts from RM33 per person.

3. Introduce yourself to anyone, at any time

Be it when you’re in line waiting to get in, at the bathroom stalls or while you’re eating alone at the food area, simply strike up a conversation with people around you. Ask who they are most excited to see, tips on the best food/beer available.. anything, really.

Some quick conversation starters:


  • “Who are you looking forward to see the most?”
  • “What’s your favourite stage/type of music?”
  • “How many times have you seen ____ perform live?”
  • Offer tea/fun fact about the musician you like


  • “Where are you from?”
  • “How far did you have to travel?”
  • “Which hotel are you staying at?”
  • “Is this your first time at GVF?”


  • “OMG, I love your outfit!”
  • “Thank God it’s not as muddy as I thought it would be.”
  • “Man, I hope it won’t rain this weekend. Because if it does, IDK what will happen to my shoes.”

4. Sharing is caring

Have extra gum, powerbank, raincoat or fairy dust? Sharing what you have could be a great way to make new friends when you’re going to a music festival alone.

5. Wear something fun

Crazy costumes, cool makeup, funny hats are all great conversation starters. People love to point out hilarious or fashionable outfit choices – it’s undoubtedly an easy way to get people talking to you.

6. Feel the vibe

When you feel like someone matches your vibe, strike up a convo! You can always complain about the beer lines and introduce yourself as you laugh it off.

7. Don’t forget to play

Bored and alone? There’s a reason why GVF has so many activity booths available at the festival.

8. Connect

Grab the contact info of the festival-goers that you honestly really vibe with. That way, you can find them again later and probably attend future events together.

All in all, festivals can be intense, but it’s gonna be a grool (great + cool) experience. That’s a Mean Girls reference, in case you missed it. You’d be surrounded by hot, sweaty, happy, dancing people. Feel joy amongst tens of thousands of other passionate music fans. Then, there are times when you’d prefer to chill on the grass and watch quietly. Whatever it is, the most important thing here is that you enjoy yourself. After all, you did spend A LOT of $$$ on the tickets.

Gohtong, Ranch, Genting Highlands

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