8 Skincare Tips To Help You Age Gracefully, According To A Dermatologist

If you’ve surpassed the 25-year-old mark and somewhere along the lines, you start to panic about wrinkles and creases like you’ve never before — don’t worry because you’re not alone.

On top of bills and dealing with societal pressure such as getting married, everyone knows that skin problem is the number one concern when it comes to ageing. Well, to women at least. There are so many beauty claims available online. Sometimes, they can be accurate but more often than not, the truth may lie somewhere in between.

So to help you from blindly trusting the internet, we got down with Professor Dr. Christian Rimpler, President of the German Professional Cosmetics association, and asked him about the misconceptions on anti-ageing skincare claims.

Note: With more than 40 years of experience in the research and development of cosmeceutical science, Dr. Rimpler is not only respected by his peers, but he was also awarded the “Life Sacred to the Beauty” by the International Division of Aesthetics Association for his contributions to European interests in the cosmetic sector. So we’re pretty sure that he knows what he’s talking about! 

1. Drinking water is NOT enough

While yes, water is deemed as the fountain of youth, drinking it alone would not be sufficient to sustain the moisture in your skin. The dermatologist remarked, “If skin isn’t well-constructed with the right water-retaining elements such as ceramides and essential fatty acids, it won’t stay as hydrated as you’d hope for”.

2. Start using anti-ageing products as early as you can, no matter how “good” your genes are

Of course, genes may play a role in ageing – but our behaviour and lifestyle have far greater influence, even more so when you smoke cigarettes. “Although the main incline is around 35-years-old and above, your skin starts its ageing process at 25-years-old. Age 25 to 28 is a good time to start,” he stated.

3. Sunscreen is important, even when you’re indoors

UVA is present all year-round, and passes through clouds (and glass). So we need protection 365 days a year. According to Dr. Rimpler, “In Asia, the UV radiation causes around 80% of environmental ageing, which triggers hyperpigmentation, drives collagen and elastin breakdown. Therefore, if you use sunscreen on a daily basis, you’d have prevented at least 80% of ageing factors like pollution.”

4. Stop frowning and smoking too often

Although this might be hard to accept, muscle contraction does lead to wrinkles, especially in the upper 1/3 of the face. That’s why Botox is so successful at treating the lines we get from frowning, smiling and raising our eyebrows. In fact, smoking can make your lips wrinkle faster too due to the constant puckering. Yikes!

5. Expensive anti-ageing products don’t necessarily work better than the cheaper ones

Many products that fall into the RM250+ price point sometimes don’t work as good as those reasonably-priced pharmacy brands. Look out for niacinamide, lactic and glycolic acid, soy, retinol and retinaldehyde in the ingredients list!

7. Lasers can’t get rid of everything, so prevention is key

With the right skincare routine and treatments, we can always improve our skin condition. However, one thing lasers won’t do is re-volumise the face. Therefore, “It’s much more easy to prevent ageing than to repair because when you have wrinkles, it’s going to be hard to turn back,” remarked Dr. Rimpler.

8. Sugar is a b*tch, period

Eating food with a high glycemic index like rice, white bread, pasta and potatoes may cause the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), because they are quickly converted to sugar in the bloodstream. In turn, our collagen and elastin will become stiff and less springy, which result as sagging skin. Plus, AGEs also make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. The changes associated with this process tend to manifest in the mid-30s – a great reason to start eating clean.

On another note, growing older is not something that you should be scared about! You just need to take good care of your skin so that you’ll age gracefully. Read more about it here:

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