7 Ways To Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It

Written By: Yeu-Gynn Yeung

There are times when actions speak louder than words. Love between romantic partners can be expressed through actions and gestures of genuine care, which are more than words will ever do. There are so many ways to say “I Love You” to your partner without actually having to say the three magic words. It’s important to say “I love you” from time to time, but showing your partner how much you love them plays a vital role in your relationship.

It makes your partner feel appreciated, and helps you both grow in love. Like a flower, a relationship grows when you take care of it. When you need to take your relationship to the next level of lovin’, here are some ways to say ILY without actually saying it at all.

1) Pay attention to your partner

The best form of currency in a relationship is undivided attention. It’s the reason why I fell in love with my husband in the first place. He practically showered me with attention during our paktor days, and even now when we’re married. It’s not difficult to pay attention to your partner. It’s stuff like figuring out their favourite milk tea order and getting it for them as a surprise. Watch out for your partner’s body language too – if they appear unhappy or uncomfortable, feel free to ask them if anything’s up. They’ll probably tell you if something is wrong. Offer comfort and love whenever your partner needs or wants it. Listen to your partner when they speak to you, about anything and everything. Whether it’s a happy or sad story, your partner will be glad to have a listening ear.

2) Plan a surprise date

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate, fancy restaurant kind of date either. Your surprise date can be as simple as going to watch a movie your partner has been wanting to see, or a home-cooked meal with your partner’s favourite dishes. If your partner is the adventurous type, an interesting date of rock-climbing or water-rafting could work for them too. Make sure it’s something they’ll like. Your partner will be delighted with this gesture of love. Sometimes you’ll need some spontaneity in your relationship, so it doesn’t hurt to be the one who initiates it. Pick a day when you’re both free to spend time together. It’s even better if it’s not an occasion like an anniversary because your partner wouldn’t be expecting it! Anyway, any date is a good day to spend quality time with someone you truly cherish.

3) Cuddle with your partner

Cuddle at night in bed, cuddle in the morning just before you wake, and cuddle all the time. When we cuddle, our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel relaxed and all lovey-dovey. You don’t really need an occasion to cuddle with your partner, you can cuddle practically anywhere – while you’re in bed, on the sofa, or simply hug your partner from behind while they’re working on a project. Cuddling can help you bond with each other physically and emotionally. If you cuddle to sleep at night, it prevents nightmares too. This happens because you and your partner feel safe and loved as you both fall asleep.

4) Agree or compromise with your partner

Let’s face it, sometimes you both just want different things. Not different goals in life or anything potentially challenging, but little things like what to eat for your next meal out. If your partner wants Japanese and you want Korean food, go with what your partner wants instead of what you want. You can always have Korean food next time, but you will always have your partner’s love and appreciation. It’s a small compromise on your part for a lifetime of love. Don’t be afraid of this – you don’t always have to compromise because your partner will probably do the same for you next time.

5) Participate in their hobbies

It’s inevitable, most of us probably have different hobbies from our partner’s. We just like doing different things and that’s perfectly okay. Even so, your partner will feel ever so loved when you try to participate in their hobbies. For example, if he likes football and plays often, follow him to the field on some days just to cheer him on, and even play by his side if you want to. You deserve all the applause in the world if you do this because that’s the super saiyan girlfriend/ fiance/ wife level already! If your partner likes video games, try watching them play or playing some of those games together. You don’t have to be great at your partner’s hobbies, just participate and show that you’re willing to get to know them better this way. Your support will mean the whole world to your partner. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to just have someone to do things with? It’s the best feeling in the world.

6) Go the extra mile to help your partner

If you’ve observed that your partner has a difficult time doing something, or doesn’t like doing it, going the extra mile to help them out says so much about how deep is your love. For example, if your partner doesn’t particularly enjoy doing the laundry, do it for them (without your partner having to ask). If your partner is pulling a late night at work, offer to drive him or her to work the next morning. Make your partner’s side of the bed or tuck them in just before you both go to sleep. It’s the little loving things that matter. Basically, simple acts of love like these can go a long way, so let’s get started!

7) Welcome them home with open arms

This is pretty simple. If you’re home from work first, welcome your partner home with delight and happiness. Nothing makes a person happier than having someone to welcome them into their home. Open the door wide, smile warmly, give your partner a “welcome home” hug and a “I’m so happy to see you” kiss. Most people actually enjoy having a warm welcome home after a long day at work, even if they don’t say it. Get a glass of water for your partner and usher them upstairs to get changed from work mode to home mode. Nothing says love better than a delightful welcome home from your loved one.

There are so many ways to show your partner how much you love them. You can even make it into a little habit. How do you say “I love you” without actually saying it? Let us know in the comments below! On another note, you can also step up your flirting game by surprising your boo with this personalized balloon bucket set which is filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates for only RM120 on Superdeals.