7 Unconventional Jobs To Try If You’re Tired Of The Corporate World

The best things in life are always free, but most people often assume this rule only applies to life’s little pleasures like seeing rainbows or discovering good music. While it’s true that those things are nice, we couldn’t help but wonder about the bigger pleasures — such as jetting off across the world FOR FREE.

Well, if you’re looking for an international experience but don’t have the cash to splurge on it, we’re going to guide you on how to get yourself abroad without spending so much. It’s not as expensive as it appears. Plus, even if you can’t save thousands of dollars, you can always find work overseas, an option often overlooked by travelers.

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1. Teach and travel

When in doubt, find a teaching job. If you’ve always loved educating people, there are incredibly abundant amount of teaching opportunities around the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

The best part is, volunteers doesn’t need to have special teaching qualifications. Choose from the many programs offered, such as teaching English, and use your skills to inspire others. The job pays well, the hours are flexible, and many countries offer great benefits. Geo Visions is a great place to start, as well as World Teach and Go Overseas.

2. Do virtual work anywhere

Freelancing jobs while you’re on vacay? That doesn’t sound bad, actually. If you have a background in web services, creative writing, graphic design, or anything tech-related, a website like Upwork and Fiverr are great ways to find virtual work that you can complete as you travel.

Simply log on to the website, and just pick up work as you need it. There’s a lot of competition but if you build up your portfolio, you can get a lot of work over time.

3. Volunteer for short/long-term programs

Ever considered volunteering on a development project? One of the great things about devoting your time to help a worthy cause overseas is that it may allow you an opportunity to fundraise to support your work. Some volunteer organisations may help you out with room and board, and occasionally flights.

Not only will you be making a contribution to a worthy cause, but volunteer travel can be one of the most rewarding ways to see and learn about another part of the world. Several organisations that support this kind of work include Anywork Anywhere and Rotary Club.

4. Work on a cruise ship

Haven’t you always dreamed of an adventure on the high seas? This option is an excellent way to earn good money while getting a taste of the world, gaining some solid work experience and networking with people from all over the globe. Carnival and Crew Seekers are great websites to get started.

5. Au pair

If you’re good with kids, and doesn’t mind babysitting strangers’ children, then you should consider becoming an au pair. You’ll get room, board and a weekly paycheque. All you have to do is be around to watch the kids, in which you’ll normally get the weekends off and some vacation time to explore the country.

Popular websites for finding au pair jobs are Great Au PairAu Pair World and International Exchange.

6. Trade labour at hostels

Hostels are often looking for staff to work the desk, clean, or show the guests around town. You can often trade a few hours of cleaning for a free bed. Even if you aren’t getting paid but just getting free room and board, it’s still a way to save money.

Moreover, the jobs can often be for as long as you want, which is super convenient if you’re planning to have a long stay. Head over to Backpacker Job if you’d like to know more.

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7. Be a tour guide

Use your love of travel to work in travel! Tour companies like Nomadic Matt is always on the lookout for new tour guides. It’s a fun though tiring means of employment, and the pay isn’t great but you get your expenses paid while on the tour and get to meet people from all over the world.

It’s not hard to travel cheap. You just need to be looking for the right opportunities and be willing to take them. You have to be somewhat proactive and not be afraid to ask for what you want. It’s amazing what people out there are inclined to offer, just go forth and explore!

On that note, if you still don’t know when is the right time to leave your corporate job, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I justify my job to myself and others?
  • Is my work giving me energy or draining me of it?
  • Is there anybody I work with whose life I would like to have?
  • Do I feel inspired by my work?
  • Last but not least: Is my work in line with my personal values?