7 Types Of Penises That’ll Make You Moan Hard

Just like vaginas, there are different types of penises too – small packages or big and chunky. You know what they say about penises, the bigger the better. But is that really the case? Sometimes, it may be too big that it could hurt your lady area!

So before you jump into the stereotypical question of “big is better”, perhaps you should identify the type of man’s penis. According to Darren Breen, managing director of iMEDicare LTD, he told MailOnline, that there seven main types of penises. It’s pretty legit considering he sees around 400 to 600 patients a month.

Here are seven types of dicks that can make your sex life hard. In a good way, of course!

1. The Pencil 

The pencil is what we’d usually picture a peen to look like. It’s long, thin and a uniform circumference along the shaft. Standard manhood.

2. The Pepper 

Similar to the ‘pencil’ except it’s shorter, thicker and extremely meaty.

3. The Cone

The difference with this particular phallus is that it gets narrower toward the penis’s tip. It can cause phimosis, which is the inability to retract the skin because the foreskin is covering the head of the penis. Not to worry, just see a GP.

4. The Banana 

The Banana is when the penis is shaped into a curved, just like a banana! This type of dong can really satisfy your sex needs and knows how to show you a fun time. But if the penis bends only after an injury, it could be a peyronie disease – it’s when the scar tissue causes the penis to curve and can lead to erectile dysfunction or experience pain during sex.

5. The Hammer 

Shaped like a mushroom, this penis starts narrow at the base with a wide head. Wonder if this bangs like Thor’s hammer?

6. The Sausage 

This is another common type of penis. It’s of the average thickness, length and remains the same meaty size to the shaft. Pretty much a standard sausage.

7. The Cucumber

Almost the same as The Sausage, except thicker and meatier but same in length. Oooh!