7 Things Every Seafood Lover Should Do In Busan, Korea

I recently got a chance to travel to Busan, Korea and it was just amazing. Honestly, I’ve never been a scenery-kind of person nor am I a seafood lover. But staying there for four days was enough to make me fall in love with everything Busan had to offer.

A seafood haven for every seafood lover, the seafood was so fresh that it was good enough to be eaten raw. Nope, I’m not only talking about fish! Here are seven things every seafood lover should do in Busan, Korea.

1. Satisfy your oden cravings with chewy fishcakes 

I’m not kidding when I say the fishcakes taste totally different than the ones we have here. It’s chewy and fresh! I was even fortunate enough to visit one of the prominent fishcake factories in Busan, Goraesa. Made by hand daily, Goraesa uses only premium ingredients such as Alaskan pollock fish for their fishcakes and has over 120 products for you to try. Yum!

2. Enjoy a seafood spread at Jagalchi Shin Dong-a Fisheries Market 

One of the must-visit spots in Busan is the Jagalchi Market and it’s the IT place for you to get fresh, authentic Korean seafood. You can literally pick the live-seafood such as crabs, all types of fish, raw octopus, abalone and so many more then, cook it to your desired cooking style. It can’t get any fresher than that!

3. Face your fear of eating a “live” octopus aka San-nakji

I did and survived! If you’re Korea, this is a must-try delicacy that you simply cannot miss. Sure, it’s scary, because the tentacles are still moving despite being chopped into small pieces and marinated with soy sauce along with sesame seeds! Honestly, though, there wasn’t much taste to it except the saltiness from the soy sauce. It’s basically like octopus sashimi. Just be sure to really chew it in your mouth or it’ll stick to your mouth and throat!

4. Learn how to make “Kimbap” 

Sometimes spelled at “Gimbap”, it’s basically Korean sushi rolls which are made out of seaweed, sushi rice and various fillings like fishcake and pickles. At least you’ll know how to make it when you’re craving good, Korean sushi!

5. Get your daily dose of aphrodisiacs from freshly farmed oysters 

Also known as the “milk of the sea” due to their high nutrition and protein content, oysters are pretty much available everywhere here. Again, I’ve never been a fan of oysters because of its strong “fishy” smell but the ones farmed by Taehwa.Inc was amazingly fresh, that there wasn’t a smell to it! I specifically tried Stella Maris Special Oyster by Taehwa Inc and I can’t believe how fat and juicy it was that all it takes to enjoy the oysters was lemon. Fun fact, the oysters taste the best during autumn!

6. Korean snack sausage 

Sausages are usually made out of meat like chicken and beef but the ones made by Jinjuham Corp are made out fish! The first and only snack sausage manufacturing technology in Korea, you can choose from flavours like Quattro cheese, Tuna Mayo and Jalapeno cheese. Bet you’ve never had fish sausage before!

7. Devour raw crabs aka “Gejang” 
Personally, this was a little harder to eat compared to the “live” octopus because I’ve always thought crabs are meant to be cooked. However, I conquered my fear and sucked out the flesh from the crab’s shell. The flesh tasted fresh and sweet with a hint of saltiness from the soy sauce it was marinated in. Although, it may not be for everybody as it can be a little overpowering. But don’t take my word for it, you should still try it if you’re in Busan, Korea.