7 Signs You May Be Obsessed With Everything Korean

We’re living in the ‘K-razeeee’ universe, in which the world is slowly being dominated by the Korean culture. From K-dramas to hot oppas, fans for the K-culture is definitely growing not only in Asia but all over the world as well.

You may not even know it, but you may be obsessed with the amazing Korean culture.

Check out the list below to see if you are, in fact, a Koreaboo!

1. You know everything about K-beauty

Source: allKpop

From sheet masks to lip tints and the 10 steps skincare routine, you know everything by heart. I mean, anything to get that beautiful glass skin, right? You also keep up with the latest Korean beauty dos, hacks and even the celebrities’ makeup look.

2. Annyeonghaseyo? Please, you know more than that

You make an effort to learn all things Korean. It’s either you take up a Korean language class, or you somehow learn the dialect from watching too much K-drama and listening to K-pop songs. Plus, you need to be ready when your oppa finally comes to Malaysia!

3. You’re addicted to K-Drama and K-Movie

Source: KBS

You know what they say — once you’re hooked with K-dramas, you’ll never go back again. It’s hard to find normal TV shows or movies that are as good as them. Sleep is never an issue. You’ll stay up late to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite Korean drama, like Secretary Kim, Why You Like That and Descendant of the Sun just so you can discuss it with your ‘Korean-friends’, no they’re not Koreans, just Malaysians who love Korean dramas.

4. Your friends always say you look like a Korean artist

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All thanks to stylish celebrities the likes of Jessica Jung and G-Dragon’s amazing sense of K-fashion, you’ll always dress to impress. You’ve got the pastel colours, ripped jeans, over-sized pullovers and tons of cute accessories to match your outfit. Some may even say you look like a Korean celeb or fashion icons spotted at Seoul Fashion Week.

5. K-Pop lover is your middle name

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BTS, SHINee, J-Park, BLACKPINK, and so many more. You know the songs, the lyrics and even the dance moves by heart. You can also name all the band members in less than 10 seconds, but you can’t memorize your sister’s phone number. Besides, since you’ll less likely to spot your Korean pop stars in real life in Malaysia, you don’t mind taking selfies and poster ads instead.

6. Oppa, where are you?

Source: iniKpop

Ignore the fact that they’ll always be prettier than you. Korean guys are way too dreamy to not drool over. You sometimes imagine Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Seo Joon or Chan Eun Woo as your ‘imaginary’ boyfriends. Yeah! You need your own oppa, or at least a guy who looks Korean. If that’s not possible, anyone who loves the K-culture as much as you do is good enough.

7. You’ll want to eat Korean food every time you go out

Oh for the love of Kimchi! You are so into Korean food that you always choose a Korean place to ‘makan’ at. If you’re running out of places to dine, try eating at Medini’s Barbecue Restaurant.

For only RM 69.00, you’ll get to eat cheese dakgalbi, Korean fried chicken set, pajeon, japche, tteokkbokki for two people. Daebak!!!