7 Malaysian-Based Ride Sharing Apps That Could Make Your Life Easier

Just a few weeks ago, taxi drivers in the Klang Valley staged yet another protest against ride-hailing apps (particularly Grab), in a gathering in front of the Finance Ministry in Putrajaya. They were reportedly angry about the government’s alleged plan to hold talks with Grab to provide free transport services at MRT stations.

A tweet of a picture where one taxi driver holding up a giant list bearing the word “STOP” at the top followed by the names of ride-hailing apps such as Grab, MyCar, and many others, which went viral in the following days. However, the list probably didn’t work the way the taxi drivers intended to because in a turn of events, Malaysians started thanking them instead, for “recommending” alternatives than the more well-known Grab.

So yes, while Grab may be  the most popular e-hailing app in Malaysia, it’s good to know that there are others that we could use too. Who knows, maybe we could save some cash or maybe shorten our waiting time.

1. My Car

MyCar is very much similar Uber and Grab. Users can track where their drivers are, message them while they are en-route and can choose to pay using either cash or card. The perks are that all the rates are fixed and there is no extra charges during peak hours. How awesome is that!


MULA is an e-hailing and parcel delivery platform. It has a ladies only MULA Pink function and advance features such like an SOS button. Drivers will have to go through stringent background checks so rest assured, safety is well thought.

3. Riding Pink

This is Malaysia’s first women only transportation platform. As it stands now, Riding Pink has a mobile app, but their service can also be manually booked on the website. You can choose to pre-book your ride or even schedule recurring rides. Now their drivers consist of stay-at-home mothers, single moms, and working adults seeking extra income, so this is by far the most comfortable option for female users

4. Carriage For Her

This new ride-sharing service is made especially for women, including the drivers! However, if you’re a female passenger and you’ve got a male friend tagging along with you in the ride, just be sure to let the driver know in the booking process or the driver might just deny your request. Cash is the only mode of payment currently available but they are working on payments with cards which will be available very soon.

5. Diffride

In terms of their interface, they appear quite polished and relatively straightforward. The platform also offers an option for online banking to supplement the usual card payments. One downside is the lack of drivers on the platform, that was mentioned several times in the reviews and the rates are similar to Grab’s.

6. Ezcab

This is the probably the cheapest of all ride sharing platforms in Malaysia. They have a good number of driver that consist of private vehicles as well as taxis and limos so don’t be surprised if a taxi shows up when you make a booking unless you select the option for a private vehicle. All their drivers and vehicles are screened so you can expect a comfortable vehicle regardless.

7. Ryde

Ryde is a popular Singaporean ride hailing platform which also doubles as a ride sharing platform a.k.a. car-pooling app. The rates are calculated based on distance and although, it’s still quite new in Malaysia and will take time to grow, it certainly has lots of potential. Besides, it’s a great way to make new friends while reducing pollution.