7 Hobbies To Take With You In 2019

Writer: Farah Karim

Has anyone ever asked you the question “So, what do you do for fun?” and,  embarrassingly, you struggled with answering? If you’re thinking of taking up a hobby in the coming new year, here are some activities that can actually be fun and won’t bore you to death!

1. Cooking

Source: Daria Shevtsova/Pexel

Everyone’s heard of this. If you’re someone who home-cooks food for every meal, you’re already there! But if you’re someone who dreads even stepping into the kitchen other than getting yourself a bowl of cereal, then cooking might be a good hobby for you to take.

Even if you don’t love to cook, you definitely love to eat and it’s a good skill to have. Eating at home is way cheaper than going out to eat. You won’t just be saving money but also learning yourself a new skill! Start simple with easy dishes that aren’t daunting to you! Maybe one-pot dishes such as stew, fried rice or porridge are a good place to start.

2. Learn To Sew

Source: Kevin Manajang/Pexel

Sewing is more useful than you think! If you ever find yourself with your newly bought leggings that are too long for you, save the trip to the tailor and invest in a small sewing kit. There are tonnes of tutorial videos online where you can learn a simple stitch to fix up any wear and tear.

If you want to challenge yourself, you can make something of your own! Simple everyday things like a pencil case, cute koozies for your cup or a coaster can be one of your starting projects.


3. Taking Online Surveys

Source: rawpixel.com/Pexel

It sounds kinda silly, but taking part in online surveys can actually make you money. Some of them are sketchy af, but a lot of of them are legitimate and will actually pay you cash via PayPal, gift cards or bank transfer. They’re easy to do and don’t require much of your time!

Even if you’re not part of the targeted audience, you’ll still get at least $0.10USD (RM0.40) for participating. But, if you are part of the targeted audience, you can cash in up to $3.00-$4.00USD (RM12.00-RM16.00) for each survey.

4. Learn A New Game

Source: Pixabay/Pexel

Games are a fun way to pass the time and to meet new friends! They cost a bit of money initially but provide family fun for years to come. Popular games like The Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity are easy games that’ll help you make fast friends. But beware, they’re also known to break friendships- Eek!

5. Listen to Podcasts

Source: Burst/Pexel

Podcasts are basically free Internet-based non-live radio programmes that you can listen to on the go. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back, relax while indulging in easy-listening. Kick back and listen to some comedy or dive into a weekly reading of Sherlock Holmes to get your blood pumping. They’re pretty much audio television that air weekly and don’t require much out of your time. You can listen to them whenever and wherever you want without any trouble.

You can check out Ais Kacang‘s podcast section where there are over a dozen different talks to choose from!

6. Tarot Card Reading

Source: Obak/Shutterstock

The misconception behind tarot card reading is that most of it is based on superstition and, essentially, hold no real world meaning. In truth, tarot card reading is based on synchronicity. The principle of synchronicity can be explained by quantum physics whereby while things happen in coincidence, what is projected are merely possibilities of the future, rather than certainties. Once you’ve seen the possible outcomes via tarot reading, you’ve already changed the possibilities.

Maybe if you have a hard impending decision to make, tarot card reading will enlighten you on the choices you may or may not take.


8. Juggling

Source: Jose Puma/Unsplash

As easy as it looks, juggling is actually pretty hard. Trying to pay attention to three items flying in the air while coordinating where your hands should go are hard work. But, the benefits that come with it are worth the trouble.

Recent studies have suggested that juggling increases the size of your brain by increasing the amount of grey matter which is responsible for computation and processing within the brain. It also helps improve your motor skills and sharpens your hand-eye coordination. It’s also a portable workout that doesn’t ‘feel’ like exercise!

So which hobby piqued your interest? Is it the juggling or taking online surveys that you want to try?