7 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Someone accidentally spills red wine over your shiny new dress? There’s a tacky yellow stain on your favourite white shirt? Worry not! Here, we gathered 7 valuable fashion hacks every (human) woman should know, to keep your clothes looking fresh, fabulous and filthy free! (Not to mention it will also save you a lot of time and money!) 

  1. Red wine 

White wine can help removes red wine stain. The next time you’re at a party and someone accidentally spills red wine on you, just soak the spills area with some white wine and dab it slowly. It will take away the stain completely.  

2. Yellow stain

Deodorant and yellow armpit stains are annoying. It will ruin the colour of a perfect white shirt. To remove it, spray or pour lemon juice over the yellow area before you put the shirt in the wash. This method will save your white shirt’s lifespan. 

3. Jeans

Waiting in a fitting room line can be crucial, especially if the mall is fully occupied with people. Don’t worry! To save time, wrap the waistline of the jean around your neck. If it fits, chances are they will fit your waist too.   

4. Denim

To avoid shedding or fading, put your denim jacket in a ziplock bag and in the freezer overnight. It will lose their odor. (You can also try washing it inside out to refrain colour changes, especially black denim). 

5. Oil stains

Oils stains are just the worst! Seeing those greasy marks on your blouse can be a soul-destroying experience ever. How to deal with it? Apply talcum or baby powder to the affected area and leave it overnight. 

6. Wrinkles

If you’re traveling and don’t have a steamer, lay down a towel on the floor and flat iron your clothes with a hair straightener. But don’t heat too high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long or you may cause damage. 

7. Bra

Before you buy a bra, go to the fitting room and try it on, first. Then, see if you can fit two fingers under your bra band comfortably. If you can’t, it’s probably too small for you. Go get another size.