7 Christmas-Themed Hairstyles To Rock This Season

Ah yes, the season of giving is just around the corner!

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about Santa Claus, presents and decorating the tree. Christmas is all about looking fab for the season too!

Here’s a list of 7 noel-inspired hairstyles you can rock this season (just ask your trusted hairstylist). It’s the jingle bell rock!

1. Every Christmas shade ever

Because why not? You don’t decorate the tree, you are the tree, henny!

2. Red with a hint of emerald green

If red is your lucky colour, it’s best to go all out and add a subtle shade of emerald green underneath all that layer of prosperity.

3. Frosty grey

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If you don’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside, perhaps it’s time to embrace your dark side with a frosty shade of sophisticated grey. An ice queen is still a queen nonetheless.

4. Forest green

When being subtle is your greatest character trait, you need to let your hair speak for itself with hues that are only visible when the sun hits your hair. Forest green is perfect!

5. Holiday blend

Season’s greetings! You’re probably the jolliest and happy-go-luckiest of all your friends! And of course, you’re the one who adores Christmas. You’ll wake early on Christmas day just to wish everyone else. Why don’t you get a hairdo that embodies the spirit of Christmas itself?

6. Christmas half-and-half

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If you can’t decide whether you love red or green more, we’d suggest doing something daring – a half-and-half hairstyle where one half of your hair is dyed green and the other half is red.

7. Snow-white hair

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This colour doesn’t give off ice-queen vibes but it sure helps you blend in with the Christmas season. You’d be more like an ice princess instead of a queen. First of all, though, you’ll need a really good hairstylist and hair that will actually co-operate for the bleaching process. You’re an ice princess, you can do it!