7 Cool Products That You Should Use At The Beach

Writer: Yeu-Gynn

Life’s a beach, especially when you’re planning your next vacation to a paradise of sun, sand, sea and palm trees. If only all of us island holiday enthusiasts could have the luxury of living by the beach. We’d all have grown fish tails and be mermaids by now – we simply can’t fathom why Ariel would want to be a dreary human being!

Now that the new year is almost here and we’ll be done with the monsoon season in a month or two, here is a glimpse of your island vacation packing list – complete with everything you’ll need for an Instagram-worthy beach holiday.

1. A pair of chic sunglasses

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with a large and fashionable pair of sunglasses. Remember to include one with polarized lenses which automatically reduce glare from reflective surfaces. You won’t be interrupted by light reflecting off the surface of the sand and sea. Get your pair with a bright pop of colour for the total beach goddess transformation! You’ll totally feel like a datin with an over-the-top pair of sunnies – even if you’re not one.

2. Cute and comfortable beach cover-up

Yep – it’s always bikini season all around the beach, but a comfortable cover-up is always a good idea. Sometimes, you just want to walk back to the resort or get a Starbucks from the corner store without having to go through an entire outfit change. Just pop a cute beach cover-up over your swimsuit and you’re ready for your next agenda. They come in translucent and opaque designs – so you can choose the ones that suit your level of comfort.

3. Magical unicorn float

You’ll never get lost at sea with this – just kidding! There’s just something about a magical unicorn float and how it makes your beach vacation such a beautiful experience. Take this to the pool for an early morning swim or into the sea for a splashing good time with your friends. Just remember to keep it closer to the surface of the sea and have a couple of good swimmers with you for safety purposes. You really don’t want to be swept away by current on a unicorn float.

4. The all-important sunscreen

No matter how much fun you’re having or how tan you already are, never forget your essential sun protector. A bottle of sunscreen would save your skin from getting terribly sunburnt. SPF 50 and above are the ones that most dermatologists and experts recommend – mainly because it’s simply so sunny at the beach. Yes, the higher SPF quotient truly does prevail. Pack one that’s waterproof for yourself and your beach babes so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off in the sea.

5. An adorable pair of slides

You’ll need to get some walking done to and from the beach, and you’ll need to do it in style. Ditch the generic flip flops for an adorable pair of slides that will keep your feet looking cute and feeling comfortable all vacation long. Plus, it helps that slides are currently in style so you don’t have to change from one pair of shoes to another if you want to pop into the resort’s rooftop bar for a night of swanky relaxation.

6. Fashionable straw beach bag

Casual straw beach bags are all the rage among island holiday enthusiasts. They just add that little bit of “beachiness” to your entire look. Plus, they come in handy to store your beach vacation essentials. From a day by the seaside to a brunch date with your beach babes, a straw beach bag can match your casual and chic outfit needs all too easily. Personalize yours with a some tassel keychains or a silk scarf. You’ll simply be too cute to handle!

7. The essential tanning oil

You don’t want to come back from a beach vacation looking like you didn’t actually go on one. This is especially true for us pale babes who burn more easily than we tan. While you can’t cheat your way to the golden sun-kissed glow – a fake tan really doesn’t cut it – a bit of tanning oil can go a long way with helping you achieve that as you sunbathe by the beach. Some tanning oils include ingredients that are beneficial to the skin – like argan oil, coconut oil, avocado and cocoa butter. Get bronzed and beautiful with a sun-kissed glow for your next beach vacay!

Are you planning your next beach vacation? Let us know where you’re headed to in the comments section 😉