Single Mom Stories: “What Kept Me Going When I Feel Like Giving Up”

Last week, we put out a call to single moms for their most heartwarming stories — and boy, did our readers deliver. Running a household, working and bringing up children alone is a lot of work. Although some of them might receive help from parents or family members to help out with childcare while they work, unfortunately, they can’t be there all the time.

Let’s be real — Life, in general, isn’t always easy or fair. It is not what happens to us, but how we deal with it that ultimately decides the final outcome. Children grow, time passes and our perspective on life also changes.

So in conjunction with Mother’s Day, we’ve put together some of the sweetest, touching and most surprising things that their kids have said. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

1. When your kids are glad that they “picked” the right birth giver

Growing up with an understanding mother that knows exactly what you want and need can be the best blessing ever. Appreciate the queen of your life before it’s too late.

2. When your child willingly offers to share their food

Sharing is hard and it runs against a child’s basic instinct! But to be honest, sharing also runs counter to human nature in general. We know if there is one scoop of ice cream left in our fridge, we wouldn’t want to share it with anyone. So when your child willingly offers to feed you (the food that you bought/cooked), then you know that the love is real.

3. When you’re the best “dadmom” the child could ask for

“I raised my best friend’s little girl for the first few years of her life while my best friend was sorting out things with her now ex-abusive partner. The sweetest, most heart felt thing that precious baby ever told me at only 3-years-old was, “I know my momma has been bullied and I can’t live with her, but thank you for being my mommy and my daddy at the same time while my mom’s sad. I really really love you.” I will never forget that moment. She’s now back with her momma, happy as ever, and still refers to me as her “dadmom”.

Omg, isn’t this the sweetest thing that could ever happen to someone? Although Jacob isn’t technically a mother, he is still a big part of the child’s existence and has contributed to the first few important milestones of her childhood development. Now, not everyone is blessed to have this kind of love in their early stages of life. She is one lucky girl!

4. Honestly, everyone should say this to your moms right now

Whether you’re 10 or 30, if your mom is still alive — please let her know that you’re proud of her. She tries so hard to cater to your needs, the least you could do is to acknowledge the hard work she’s been doing throughout all these years.

5. When you’re the reason of your child’s happiness

“It gives me the most amazing feeling, like I can go through anything this insane world throws at me with a smile on my face. She even wakes up with a smile everyday.. well, as long as I’m next to her.”

We’d just like to say something here — our mothers are our first love and we should never break their hearts. They say children will stop being “clingy” once they’ve reached 7-years-old, but now that you’re 20 something, why not show your mom that you’ll always need her in your life? We assure you that your mother will appreciate this.

6. When your children understand your pain </3 

Little did we know, young children can be great therapists when you least expect it. Who needs friends when you have these gems in your life?

All in all, we simply can’t imagine life without our mothers and we’re pretty sure that some of you are lucky enough to call them your besties. What about you, ladies –Do you have a heartwarming story to share? Let us know in the comments section below!