6 Must See Hari Raya Ads That Will Pull Your Heartstrings

There are a lot of things to be grateful for when it comes to Hari Raya—from the delicious treats, to music to duit raya—but if there’s one thing that we all can’t anticipate is Raya advertisements. Each year, there will be numerous tear-jerking tales and hilarious short stories that paint our tv screen, sometimes it’s almost impossible to pick out the best storyline. Because they’re all amazing in their own ways. 

Here, we round up our favourite advertisements to re-watch before Hari Raya. 

1. Ikhlas by Pelaburan MARA, (2017)

Okay, this could possibly be the saddest Raya commercial out there. Featuring lines of Malaysia A-list actor and actress—Faisal Hussein, Que Haidar, and Umie Aida. 

A story about four siblings were orphaned just a day before Hari Raya, after their parents died in a highway accident. The siblings then travelled separately in a bus, seeing the bodies of their lifeless parents being removed from the wreckage during a heavy rain. 

Soon, their relatives had an argument on who should care for the siblings during a meeting. Fortunately, their uncle simply known as Ayah Su, decides to adopt the four siblings.  With the end line saying, ‘’Sebab aku sayang semua anak buah Ayah Su”.

2. Plastic Bowl by Petronas, (2006)

Petronas has been producing great Raya commercials for as long as anyone can remember, their ads are highly anticipated every year. But this 2006 ad is still one of the best they’ve produced. Teaching us to be courteous when we treat our parents when they’re old, and how our actions can easily influence the characters of our kids. 

3. Atuk by Nissan, (2014)

This ad by Nissan will tugs at your heartstrings at all the right places. We’re not giving away any spoilers, but.. sure, here’s a little bit of a spoiler—a story about an elderly man gets lost on a drive with his wife and reminisces about some of his favourite memories with her.

When he meets up with his grandson, who had been driving around looking for him, you will realise that not everything is what it seemed! You will want to appreciate your elders more after watching this. 

4. Selalu di Hati by Mydin, (2016)

This Mydin ad was a real tear jerker when it was released in the year 2016. The ad begins with a woman narrating about her preparation during Raya, and how she ends up preparing everything all by herself. Though the outcome of the ad is a bit cliche, it will still make you cry upon seeing the ending. 

5. Rezeki Yang Dikongsi Lebih Diberkati by TM, (2016)

Yet another touching Raya ad from 2016. In this ad, Telekom Malaysia unveiled a powerful message which teaches us not to be wasteful. A story about Sofea, a kind-hearted woman who always packs leftover food from parties and celebrations. Her action makes it seem as though she is greedy, but she actually gives the leftover food to the ones in need.

6. Deria Takbir by Maxis, (2019)

The 1.6 million views for this Maxis video presents a rather different storyline to it. It depicts a young boy who is deaf and his father is determined for him to hear the Raya Takbir by Maxis’s Deria Takbir. The moral of the story is no matter who you are, everyone can now experience the real meaning of Raya thru Deria Takbir.