6 Life Lessons I Learned At Adelaide – A Solo Traveler’s Paradise

In search for the ultimate place to discover yourself that’s not as crowded as Bali? Look no further, because Adelaide could be your new go-to destination!

Recently, I got the chance to visit the wonderful cosmopolitan/coastal capital of South Australia and I gotta say that it has been a real eye-opening experience. Especially since that was my first solo travelling adventure.

I mean, of course. The thought of traveling alone in a foreign place can be daunting — but it’s one of those things that seems scarier in theory than in actual practice. Here’s what I’ve learned from my trip:

The extra legroom in Malindo Air is what every traveler needs

1. Stop contemplating so much and just do it

Throughout my whole life, I tend to cogitate about doing something for so long that it becomes an inconvenience. I’m never able to make a solid decision immediately. So from this trip, I’ve learned that you will never be ready for a situation until you throw yourself in it. Life is always going to be a process of trial & error anyway.

Convincing your parents will be the toughest part, but you need to make your own decisions. Just buy the plane ticket and GO. Apply for that job. Move to another country. Whatever. Just do it, girl!

Toured the city in Eco Caddy, an electric version of tuk-tuk

2. Loving yourself can sometimes be a bad thing

Although learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all, nowadays, it seems that people tend to love themselves rather too much. We’re living in a narcissistic society. Often too engrossed in social media, trying to maintain our online presence and making money moves. While confidence is attractive, narcissism and boastfulness isn’t. And there is a very thin line between the two.

Softfoot Alpaca Farm

During this trip, I’ve met a lot of new people. Usually, when we meet new people, you want the focus to be on you. In fact, you always try to pull the conversation towards you and your thoughts (because that is what is important). But the thing is, your stories are not more important than anyone else’s. Learn about other people as much as you want them to know about you. Perhaps, you can even learn a thing or two from their experiences.

Managed to see a rainbow!

3. Adelaide is so serene that I finally know how to control my bad temper

I feel less cranky when I’m in Adelaide as compared to when I’m in my own country. It could be the weather, or the fact that I can’t really blame anyone else for my mistakes since I’m all alone. In Malaysia, everything is so fast-paced and everyone is constantly rushing that we’re just angry all the time. In fact, I tend to put the blame on a situation or someone else a lot.

Travelling alone has taught me that the only person who really has control over how you feel is yourself. You can choose to be happy. Even when things are not going your way. A cliche saying I know, but very powerful — because in the end, it’s mind over matter.

The hub of calmness is your heart. That’s where God lives within you. So stop looking for answers in the world. Just keep coming back to that center and you’ll always find peace. —Elizabeth Gilbert

4. Healthy food can replenish more than your stomach

As I walked along Rundle Street, I saw an ad on a bus that said “Don’t eat emotionally”. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of this saying, but before I came to Adelaide, I didn’t really care about what that meant. I finally understand it now. Less fried, junk as well as processed meal options are available in Australia (yes, that includes the supermarkets).

Fresh salmon for lunch at Softfoot Alpaca Farm

Everything is mostly fresh and organic, which is great for the mind and soul. In fact, I went to a farmer’s market in Adelaide and made a simple lunch to eat at the park, drenched in sunlight. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Amazing lunch! @ Softfoot Alpaca Farm

5. Spend more time in nature’s magnificence

If there’s one thing Gwyneth Paltrow got right on Goop is that if you want to be more resilient and have more zest in your life, go outside. Adelaide has so many green space around, which makes the locals less likely to be depressed.

When you leave tensions of being in the city for a while to cultivate our natural wholeness in the wild, you are renewed with the fresh vitality and spirit of nature. You’ll discover deep inspiration to help transform your lifestyles and culture toward harmony and balance.

Botanic Park, Adelaide

Interestingly, the Australians encourage their children to spend time in the park by providing activities such as building a fort using logs. OK we need to apply this method in Malaysia!

6. Build the life you want, not the life that everyone expects you to have

What makes me sad is that millions of women will go home and think, “Well that was a great escape, but I can’t make a change, people might call me selfish”.

Please know that no matter what choices you make – some people are going to agree and like what you do, and some are not. Period. So when you find yourself feeling guilty or worried about taking the best choices for your life, career, and business… feel it and then just drop it like it’s hot.

Wine tasting at D’arenberg, Adelaide. A must visit, even if you don’t drink wine!

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