6 Durag Styles That Will Elevate Your Fashion Game

Durags originally served as a way for black men to style their hair overnight or prevent friction, frizz, and flyaways while sleeping. Meanwhile, aside from protecting the hair, black women also use them either for aesthetic appeal or to cover their hair for religious reasons.

For quite a while, they weren’t really worn out in public, especially since they were banned by the NFL in 2001 and later by the NBA in 2005. Why? Mainly because they share a fate similar to Muslim women’s headscarf, as people are often labeled as thuggish and “unsafe” when they wear durags.

Fortunately, the headpiece has now been reconsidered with fresh eyes. Durags have been having a moment on the runway as of late — which means that there are so many ways for you to sport this look!

1. The classic look

Cut from denim, velvet, and silk, various designs have erupted across Instagram — And this is one of our favourite ways to style the look.

2. Tying the ends at the front instead of at the back

Fierce AF. Tie it up at the front to add a touch of sweetness while looking bold like a street chic goddess.

3. Pair it with a headpiece

Source: Instagram/@saintrecords

Last year, Solange challenged the red carpet rules by wearing a headpiece made up of a halo and a durag to the Met Gala. BREATHTAKING.

4. Pair it with a lot of bling 
This is how you do award shows, darling! Take note from Riri and you’ll be set to conquer the world in no time.
6. Wear it as a cape 

Gal Gadot who? Look like a badass super woman with this style.