6 Countries That Don’t Have Enough Female Citizens

According to the World Health Organisation, the natural sex ratio at birth is almost equal — with 105 boys for every 100 girls. Well, perhaps there’s a few more extra baby boys because men.. uh, generally die earlier.

Nonetheless, there has always been a balance of boys and girls in the world. But in recent times, with the evolution of human nature and the shift in preference towards gender fluidity, a serious problem has arised in regards to womb owners. Apparently, the number of female citizens in some parts of the world are slowly decreasing, and it is more alarming than you think.

Here are 6 countries where there’s a shortage of women:

1. China

Source: hitesh choudhary/Pexel

China has had a long history of sex-selective abortion which rules out girls. With the one-child policy implemented from 1979 to 2015, this decision has unintentionally encouraged many parents to choose boys as their only heir. As a result, the sex ratio is currently at 120 boys for every 100 girls.

2. India

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Similar to China, India has had a long history of gender discrimination. They too have taken part in sex-selective abortion where the country now has approximately 80 million extra men. This prompted in the passage of a law that made it illegal to screen for the sex of the fetus and conduct sex-selective abortions.

3. Philippines

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With 102 Filipinos to every 100 Filipinas, more women are beginning to work abroad in hopes for a better life, better job and better living conditions. This focus on career and less on marriage increased as marriage no longer ties them down to the Philippine Island.

4. Iran

Source: Atta Kenare

With women garnering more rights each year in Iran, the rules and regulations with regards to women have somewhat relaxed. Currently, more than 3 million Iranian women are unmarried as the expectations of marriage and motherhood have been replaced with education and careers. This new development of freedom have many women beginning to travel which lead to a reduction of the female population and a lack of women to marry.

5. Egypt

Source: thetemptest

In contrast to Iran, women are leaving Egypt for a different reason. Traditional gender roles are becoming prevalent as women are further tied to domestic purposes rather than work or education. With 99.3% of women having experienced sexual harassment at some points in their life, it’s no surprise to see women leaving the country whenever they get the opportunity.

6. Sweden

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In close proximity with countries stricken with conflict and instability, it has resulted up to 35,000 unaccompanied male minors making their way over to Sweden in 2016. It doesn’t help that with the housing problem with not enough accommodation for its citizens, women are at the top of the list of those moving away; resulting in 12,000 more men in Sweden than women.

Why worry?

There are many reasons why you should worry. In many countries like China, with a shortage of women, there’s also a shortage of brides. According to the Human Rights Watch, one of these consequences is bride-trafficking from Myanmar to China. Traffickers prey on vulnerable boys and girls by offering jobs and transport to China. They sell them for around $3,000 (RM12,480) to $13,000 (RM54,000) to Chinese families struggling to find brides for their sons. This includes participation from Cambodia, North Korea and Vietnam.

It doesn’t end there.

Woman shortage has also been linked to other forms of violence against women. With Egypt as an example, with lesser women in the country, the cycle only continues. The gender discrimination keep increasing and the distaste for daughter breeds; the underlying problem of this demographic imbalance further continues.