Use Facial Wipes To Prevent Body Acne

Writer: Farah Karim

Facial wipes is something that we all use, but how many of us actually know about its benefits?

Many women, us included, use them to wipe off any makeup residue left on our skin, but there’s more to this product than you realise. It has so many other uses other that are super beneficial and also will make your days a breeze to go through.

Source: Allure

1. Perfect for sensitive skin

Compared to using chemical or micro-beaded exfoliating methods, using facial wipes could be a gentler way to exfoliate your face. Because of the cloth-like texture which are usually made out of flannels and muslin, it doesn’t irritate the upper barrier of your skin. The essence used in each facial wipes also cater to each specific skin-type so if you’re someone who has sensitive skin, you can pick one that reduces inflammation and also soothes the skin.

2. Works with any type of cleanser

The gentle essence infused in each sheet of cloth also means that it won’t react with any other products you put on your face. It’s easy to integrate into your routine without causing any terrible side-effects like breakouts, inflammation and irritation. By removing dead skin cells and any debris on the surface of your skin, this will allow other products to be easily absorbed. Remember, it’s not a replacement for cleanser! Always wash your face afterwards.

3. Prevents body acne

Even if you’re not using it for your face, it’s also good to use it on your body. Especially in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, all the sweat and pollution will end up clogging your pores and cause body acne. Yuck. After a long day or after working out, grab a sheet and wipe down all over your neck, back, shoulders and chest to prevent any breakouts in these areas.

Source: Project Vanity

4. Use when dyeing hair

Another way you can use facial wipes is when you’re doing a DIY hair dyeing session. Usually during the process, it’s easy to get excess dye on the neck and forehead. Just use a facial wipe to clean it off as it’ll not just get rid of the spilled dye but also cleanse your skin at the same time.

Although this is very obvious, facial wipes are absolutely portable. You can bring them everywhere and anywhere without any problem. They also last for two years if unopened and three months after being opened. In general, the moment you open the packets they already start to lose moisture. Just by keeping one in your bag, it can be super convenient in case you ever need it.