6 Asian Girls That Will Inspire Your Coral Hair Dreams

Writer: Farah Karim

As Asians, our raven-like dark hair can sometimes be an obstacle for us to pull off crazy hair colours. Wait. Actually, it’s not pulling it off that’s hard, but more in terms of how it’s time-consuming, expensive and painful (because of all the bleach we have to endure). Many of us dread having to go through the pain but are the results worth it? Without a doubt, YES.

Thus, in line with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 ‘Living Coral’, we’ve decided to check out some girls who totally own the versatile hair colour:

1. Yeu-Gynn Yeung

The colour coral can go from anywhere between a light orange to a pale red or pink. There’s no exact shade or colour when it comes to coral hair and that’s what makes it amazing! For instance, our writer Yeu Gynn, looks amazing here! It complements her skin perfectly, making her glow like a goddess.

2. Irene Kim

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But how does one achieve coral hair? Well, if you’re hair is naturally dark brown or black, it might take up to 10-hours of bleaching and colouring. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. To maintain your hair, you’ll have to buy colour specific conditioners, shampoo and treatments. Not to mention monthly touch-ups!

Korean Model Irene Kim is known for dyeing her hair with crazy colours, coral included. How does she do that? By taking care of it before and after the treatment process.

3. Kharisa Kharuddin

The good thing about having coloured hair is that you won’t have to wash your hair so often. Washing once every three to four days a week is good enough especially in the first few weeks. If you’re still bothered, go for a dry shampoo to spray on your roots to stretch the time you can go between washes. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep their coral hair as long as possible?

If you want yours to be as on point as Kharisa Kharuddin’s, skip the wash and use a dry alternative.

4. Ong Cyii Cheng

For many people, dyeing their hair with crazy colours has life changing effects. With such a big statement piece, maybe you can slow down on the makeup — and still stand out. You’ll not only make your day easier but also make your hair and yourself the talk of the town. With a touch of MLBB, a bold gold eyeliner and her stunning coral hair, Ong Cyii Cheng shows that coral hair just elevates your look.

5. Joan Kim

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I love dressing for autumn 🍂

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However, coral hair can also be a colour that some people get accidentally after dyeing their hair red, orange or pink. The fade eventually gives it a warm, pastely colour that we all know and love. Korean YouTuber Joan Kim’s previously striking red hair eventually faded. But not for the worse. Instead, it gave her this gorgeously hued coral hair!

6. Riana Adams

Malaysian influencer Riana Adams shows that coral hair can suit even the most contrasting of colours. This darker shade of coral is the perfect complement to the pink bunnies and blue wave rolling on her shirt.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a makeover and head to your closest salon. If you think the colour might not suit you, test it out on one tiny part from the back of your hair. There’s no harm in trying! You never know, it might just be that hair colour that makes your 2019.