5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Love Life To Stay Single Forever

RelationSHIT happens. You get out from a bad romance but love always finds you. At least you think it’s love because for some reason, months later, you end up in another horrible breakup situation. MONTHS.

What is happening? Why is your luck so bad when it comes to love? Here’s an idea, what if you’ve been sabotaging your love all this while? Think about it…

1. Holding on to your ex 

broken heart hanging on wire

If it ended on bad terms, you could still be pondering on the “what if” and “why” – especially if you had no closure. Even keeping your ex around when your newfound love isn’t comfortable with could bring up unnecessary issues.

2. If he doesn’t fit the checklist, he’s not the one 

woman leaning on beige concrete wall

There’s nothing wrong with having a checklist. We all have an idea or a type. But that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t give someone who doesn’t fit your checklist the chance! Give him the chance to vibe with you, who knows, he may just surprise you!

3. Rushing into a relationship

man and woman lying on gray concrete surface looking at each other

How long was the previous relationship’s mourning period before you got together with another guy? You need time to heal and it could even as long as one year! No rush. Everyone’s not the same, so you take as long as you need. Screw those people who question “Why are you still single?” #OverIt

4. You assume each fight is a “sign” to breakup 

silhouette of man and woman under yellow sky

Just because you had a fight, disagreement or an off day, doesn’t mean it’s over.  You shouldn’t hold it against your partner and it’s definitely NOT a sign. It’s normal for couples to fight, it’s how you work through it. If you end things with every person you date as soon as something goes wrong, you’ll be alone for the rest of your life!

5. You’re expecting the worst to happen

Person Leaning on Wall

This is probably something most of us go through when getting into a new relationship. You put up your walls because you’re afraid. But you need to break it! You don’t want to sabotage the relationship by not letting it to fully develop because of your insecurities!