5 Ways To Rock The Vogue Headband Trend

Wake up, ladies! It’s time to pull your hair back because the headband trend is back and better than ever!

Model and supermom Chrissy Teigen started a “Headband of the Day” trend back in 2018, and the best part is… the queen of Twitter is bringing it back!

We’re excited to rock this up-and-coming trend! Here’s how you can level up your hair, OOTD and Instagram game today.

1. The Statement Headband

Yes – she’s wearing a headband! Chrissy Teigen, a.k.a. the queen of the headband trend wants you to know that she’s spearheading the bandwagon in style.

2. The Bow Headband

Nothing says feminine and stylish like a bow headband. Our Likely girls, Nadia and Shelin levelled up their black-and-white OOTDs with cute, colourful bow headbands that you can tie at the top of your head.

3. The Pearl Headband

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The pearl headband has been making waves on Instagram, and we’re living for it. Adorned with gorgeous pearls, it gives your outfit a touch of richness and sophistication.

4. The Soft, Floral Headband

You wouldn’t believe it, but you could probably wear this soft, floral look to the beach. Shield a part of your hair from the sun and pull your hair back while looking super stylish with a soft, floral headband. You can even use a scarf for this look.

5. The Sparkly Headband

One for the extra girl! Nikkie Tutorials wears this sparkly cat-ears headband to go with her stunning makeup look. We won’t expect any less from one of the most popular beauty gurus on Instagram, so you shouldn’t expect any less from your best self!