5 Ways To Make Your Vagina Tasty Before Someone Goes Down On You

Oral sex is great! But sometimes we can’t help ourselves but to feel a little conscious about how our vajajay is down there. We can groom the bush to make it look presentable but what about the taste? What if the person gags? Eekkk!

Unless the steamy sesh is after a nice, warm shower, our lady area may taste and smell a little funky – not in a good way. It can sometimes have an almost metallic taste and odour due to the high levels of acidity.

The scent and taste is a combination of factors, your body’s natural smell, the food you consume, type of soap you use and arousal fluid. Here are 5 ways for you to go on a tasty cunnilingus adventure!

1. Take a bite of those sweet fruits and vegetables 

Pineapples, celery, red grapes, cranberry juice, watermelon are fruits and veggies that are high in natural sugars. Especially for citrus fruits, eating them can change your vagina’s pH levels because of the high levels of acidity.

2. Avoid food that’ll give you smelly farts, bad breath or foul smelling pee

That includes beer, coffee, durian, spicy food and alcohol because it can make your vajayjay taste sour. Funny how you’ll think that it’ll be champagne-flavoured pussy! While asparagus, garlic and raw onions can leave a stink. If you’re getting some action for the day, best to avoid these food.

3. Choose baby wipes over paper towel 
Use it even if you’re not a baby! Not only are these baby wipes gentle enough to use on one of the most sensitive areas in your body but gets rid of any extra odour. Plus, it reduces the potential of you getting urinary tract and vaginal infections.
4. Groom your forest 
Maybe keep like a nice-looking garden, rather than a dark forest. Waxing your bush may be more beneficial than just making your private area more appealing.
Your pubic hair can trap each and every one of those older producing molecules whenever you sweat. In which, could make your womanhood to smell! By waxing you can completely remove the odour molecules from clinging to your pubic hairs.
5. Keep your vagina healthy with yogurt 
One of the remedy for healthy vaginas is to dip a clean tampon into plain, unsweetened yogurt and inserting it into your vagina for an hour. The healthy bacteria fights against the unhealthy ones and in turn, eliminate any fishy and unpleasant odour. Just be sure to wash your vagina thoroughly after removable of tampon. Yogurt is great as well to treat vaginal yeast infections!