5 Ways To Love Yourself Because Sundays Are For Self-Care

We don’t spend enough time with ourselves now, do we? When you’ve got so much on your plate, like work, friendship, our side gigs, relationships and children, we can feel like our weekends aren’t enough.

This Sunday, make the most of the second day of the weekend so you can go back to reality the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sundays are for self-care, so here are five ways to love yourself before the weekend ends!

1. Do a DIY spa day

You’re worth it, so you definitely deserve some pampering. Spas can be expensive, so if you can’t afford to splurge, do it yourself and give your body some much-needed TLC. Make a mask out of honey, green tea leaves, shea butter and rosehip oil for a truly moisturising scrub all-over. Take yourself to the sauna or steam bath too, to open up those pores.

2. Redecorate your bedroom


Well, why not? Spend the Sunday KonMari-ing your bedroom and find some creative ways to inject life into your own private space. You’ll feel less “cluttered” after redecorating and cleaning out what doesn’t spark joy any more. If you’ve got some stuff from your ex, you may need to cleanse your room the spiritual way.

3. Catch up on some much-needed sleep

Since it’s a Sunday, you can be really extra, even if you’re not awake yet. Give yourself some time to catch up on some sleep that you’ve lost throughout the stressful week and wake up feeling refreshed. Remember to use a humidifier so the air-conditioning doesn’t dry out your complexion!

4. Get your nails done

Gel manicures are all the rage right now. They’re tougher than your actual nails and don’t chip off. Book a gel manicure session for only RM49 and get your nails done to increase your confidence levels. Sooner or later, you’ll be doing the “pageant wave” in a bid to show off your pretty Sunday manicure.

5. Go for a trial class at the gym

There’s nothing better than treating your own body to a good workout. You may feel like you’re dying in the class, but when it’s over, your body will thank you for giving your muscles a good workout. Try getting a few trial classes for a fair price so you can get into the momentum and try something new every time you hit the gym.