5 Ways For You To Eat Like King This Christmas

Christmas is the time… to stuff yourself with good food! If you’re planning to eat all of the scrumptious food at each open house, ready to go on a Christmas party marathon — you might be wondering, how on earth are you going to fit everything into your small tummy?

Fret not and read on, because we’re going to give you the low down on how you can go on a food bender all day this Yuletide season:

1. Start light 

If your open house visit starts from early in the morning, think of it as having breakfast. So start with the lighter food then gradually build your appetite at the next few houses. For example, if the first house you go to serves noodles, roast chicken and some sandwiches, pick the lightest first, like sandwiches. Eating heavy processed food first thing in the morning will stay in the gut forever and take a longer time to process. It’s even better if you start off with the salad or fruits as it will help digest the rest of your meal better.

2. Eat desserts!

According to Ayurveda, your dessert should come before your meal and not after. Nutritionist Supriyaa Nair suggests that eating sweets will enable the flow of digestive secretions and help to absorb vitamins and nutrients better. If you eat sweets after meals, you’re actually slowing down your digestion. So yes, you can munch on that amazing cookies and brownies but… you really shouldn’t go overboard with it either or you might just be too full to eat anything else. Remember, you’re on a food marathon!

3. Prioritize the house specialty

person about to slice the roasted chicken

That’s right. You know each house is going to have its own specialty and something that you simply must try. Pick and choose their must-have dishes. For example, your Filipino aunt might be famous for her spaghetti while your best friend, Suzanne is known for her chicken curry and Michelle’s dad cooks up a mean roast. You can eat the other dishes too at the open houses but we’re guessing, if you have 10 houses to go to in a day, gurl, you might just need to change in a pair of sweat pants. So remember, it’s all about divide and conquer!

4. Less is more

man holding cooked food

If you must have all the dishes from each party, the golden rule is to taste, not waste. Consider it as a buffet spread. Take a small portion of each dish to avoid being full. After all, you can always go for the second round. But remember, you’ll still have a full day filled with open houses to eat at.

5. Avoid carbonated drinks 

The carbonation from soda drinks may make you feel more full than water. Plus, you’re more likely to drink more of whatever tasty drinks you’re sipping on. This will just fill your tummy up with liquid instead of solids. Lessen your liquid intake during meals and skip carbonated drinks altogether. You may drink water before meals and after, just enough to keep you hydrated.