5 Underrated Body Parts That Can Make Your Man Turn On

Foreplay is a must before the heavy, love-making sesh starts. A little tease to awaken the beast inside of all of us. Sometimes, if done right, foreplay can even be better than sex!

But other than teasing your partner at the usual spots, like your back or neck, there are other spots that’ll make them turn on. Here are five other plays to stimulate your partner’s sexual senses.

1. Inner bicep and triceps area

Man and Woman Kissing Together on Body of Water

This super-sensitive, easy pleasure point to stimulate can do the trick of making one feel sexy. Use your fingers to gently trace biceps or get naughty by making circular motions with your tongue. Imagine that!

2. Around the eyes 

Man and Woman Kneeling on Bed Beside Window

There’s a whole lot of intimacy that you can get from gazing into your partner’s eyes. That’s why you shouldn’t forget this important foreplay. Gently stroke their brows with your thumbs and place gentle kisses on their lids. Make your man weak with your eyes!

3. The sides of the torso 

Man and Woman Lying on Bed

Okay, we get weak for men’s torso. There’s just something so sexy about it. Use that to your advantage – Touching your man from the bottom of the rib cage to his hips can leave a stimulating impact because it connects directly your partner’s penis. Hence, super arousing! But since this is a sensitive and ticklish area, be firmer with your touch or just use your lips for a light nibble.

4. Collarbone 

Man and Woman Kissing on Sea Shore

You give kisses on the neck, so why stop there? Go all out on the collarbone too. Try running the backs of your fingers over the bone and lick the underside of your man’s collarbone. He’s going to get high…on love.

5. Trail your fingers at his thighs 

Person Lying on Bed Holding Fahrenheit Box

One of the most sensual, explosive tingling in the body is the inner thigh. Save the best for last so you can work way your way up to you-know-where.

Lick your finger (make sure he watches it) and use your moist finger to draw up to his mid-inner thigh. Then tease it by tracing with your tongue all the way up.