KFC Bucket & Other Unconventional ‘Hantaran’ Ideas For Your Future Wedding

In Malaysia, hantaran is a very important element of a wedding. It doesn’t matter how much it’s worth, as long as the hantaran is there, the wedding is complete.

Hantaran is a gift that the groom gets for the bride, but shouldn’t be confused with the wedding dowry, which is different from a gift.

Thankfully, Malaysians have often come up with ingenious hantaran ideas for the bride, and more than value, every woman appreciates a man who understands what she likes most.

Just recently, a Twitter user shared about how she jokingly asked her fiance to send her a bucket of KFC fried chicken as her wedding gift, and because she really liked fried chicken so much, that’s exactly what her fiance did.

What an awesome hantaran – kudos to the groom’s side, and as for the bride, we hope she saved some fried chicken for us. We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Check out some of these other great hantaran ideas for your future wedding.

Hantaran beauty

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Of course, most girls would appreciate being prepped with her much-needed beauty products before her big day, so it’ll be great if the groom totally gets her!

Hantaran Malaysia icons: durian & petai

OK, so we all know that durians are getting expensive in this economy – but if a bride really loves Malaysia’s favourite fruit and petai, the world is her oyster!

Hantaran ‘meow’

Hey! A cat is the perfect, fluffy gift for anyone, especially a bride that’s about to be wed. This way, the bride and groom can practice caring for the cat before they move on to bigger challenges.