5 Types Of People You “Confirm See” During Hari Raya

Raya is the time for you to balik kampung to visit family, relatives and friends, that you’ve not seen in a very long time. With that, you’ll bound to bump into all kinds of characters and quirkiness, especially rumah terbuka.

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It’s like you’re tryna catch a Pokémon with that salam 😤

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Since it’s already the 2nd day of Raya, let’s see how many of these characters can you identify – 1,2,3 GO!

1. Aunty/Pak Cik Bawang 

What a pain to go through family gatherings without being attacked by gossipy aunties and uncles on your life story! The endless questions of, “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “When are you getting married?”, and another favourite line, “Have you gained weight?” Thank you, next.

2. The Food Monster

Their ultimate happiness is to savour all the delicious delicacies Raya has to offer. Honestly, they’re only there to eat! Rendang and ketupat tambah lagi? 

3. Social Influencer Wanna-be 

Then there’s that one person who takes photos of everything and anything to upload on their Instagram of 100 followers. #InstaFemes

4. The Forever Quiet & Anti Social 

Their only friend for Raya – their handphones. In defense, maybe they’re just really, really, shy!

5. That Relative You Never Knew Existed 

Especially when your mom tells you to salam that relative that you absolutely don’t know about. AWKWARD!