5 Toxic Things To Let Go Before The Year 2020

It’s here. A time for you to restart and change whatever you want to in the New Year. A new chapter for you to make a difference in your life. But before you can create great things, you need to let some sh*t go.

Here are five things you need to go before welcoming the year 2020.

1. Toxic relationships 

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That includes a significant someone, friends and yes, family or relatives. Keeping toxic people around you will do nothing for you. It’ll eventually eat you up. Leave the em’ negative vibes in 2019.

2. The fear of change 

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Every year promises a new change for you. You can’t sit back in the past waiting for a miracle to happen. Complacent with how things are? Get your butt up and see how far you can go! If you fail, that’s okay at least you’ve tried but you’ll never know till’ you give it a shot.

3. Impressing the “social media” followers 

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For some of you, keeping track of your followers and feed is a huge thing. Unless it’s part of your job, who cares whether that blurry photo of you can get 100 likes? Post it up because it makes you happy. So little of us realise how much mental effort it takes to keep up with social media. You already have enough stress in life, do you need more? NO.

4. Regrets 

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Things happened for a reason. You did what you had to at the time, so no “RAGRETS”. Leave it in the past and be better in the future. Every mistake is a lesson for you.

5. The idea that your life should be at a certain place right now 

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For some reason, we have this idea in our head that we should achieve certain things in life when we’re in our 20s, 30s or 40s. But life doesn’t work that way. Your goals are different than others. You do you…we all move at our pace. If you can pay your bills, have a roof over your shoulder and is surrounded with loved ones, you’re doing pretty alright 🙂