5 Tips For Beautiful Nails Without The Expensive Manicure

We all want beautiful, alluring fingernails that are ‘gram ready, but those manicures tend to cost a bomb.

I mean, most of us get our nails done for special occasions but what if your boo proposes to you (surprise!) and your fingernails aren’t ready for the ‘gram and you can’t show off your engagement ring? Bummer!

You could always borrow someone else’s hand but it’s better if yours are always perfectly polished, like Kylie Jenner’s. She’s probably got a manicurist, but it’s not that hard to DIY gorgeous fingernails. Here are five tips for strong, gorgeous and alluring nails without the expensive manicure.

1. Clean your cuticles

Don’t pick at your cuticles, babe. Instead, if you’re prone to picking, push them back to keep new growth at bay. Use a regular conditioner to clean your cuticles in the shower – who knows what may have got into them throughout the course of the day!

2. Massage your fingernails with oil

Cutex Hydrating Cuticle Oil Nail Treatment

Invest in a bottle of cuticle oil or cuticle serum. If you’re in a pinch, vitamin E oil and carrot oil will do well to strengthen your fingernails and promote stronger cell growth. Massaging these oils onto your nails will make them look like you just walked out of a manicure parlour like, five minutes ago!

3. Don’t pick at your nail polish

If your worst habit is peeling off your nail polish, we’d strongly recommend that you stop that right now. Picking at your nail polish, whether it’s gel or acrylic, would damage the surface of your fingernails. It takes about 6 months for a nail that has got thin from constant picking to fully grow back. Remove your nail polish gently with proper nail polish remover.

4. Stay hydrated

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We know by now that hydration starts from the inside. Cuticle oil isn’t enough to hydrate your nails from the outside. You’ll need lots of H2O to keep your fingernails strong, hydrated and radiant. Brittle nails and dry cuticles may be a sign of dehydration – so watch out for it!

5. Eat a balanced diet

Fruits, vegetables and good proteins are essential to gorgeous nails. It may sound cliche, but when your body isn’t at the best health, your nails tend to grow at a much slower rate than average. Your nails need a balanced diet to keep growing, just like every part of your body.