5 Times North West Proved She Was A Superstar In The Making

North West is the first born to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Ever since she was a toddler, we could not help but fall in love with her aurashe is dripped with sass and class. Her style is so sophisticated and edgy for her age.  

And even at the age of 7, she’s already cementing her star status. Here, take a look at why little Northie is destined to be the next big thing. Watch out, world

1. Making Her Rap Debut At Kanye’s Fashion Show 

On March 3rd, 2020, North took to the stage to open Kanye’s surprise Yeezy Paris Fashion Week. The tiny star rapped in front of the huge crowd while models presented the Yeezy Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. 

She chose to perform a track created by 5-year-old musician ZaZa, whose parents later took to Instagram to complain that she wasn’t credited. Kim K later made a statement to apologise for not crediting the original track, saying that North’s performance was planned last minute.

2. When She Outstand Kim K On Her TikTok Video

In early February, Kim announced that North is making her TikTok debut. One of her first videos was her dancing with her ‘boyfriend’ Caiden Mills, who is the son of rapper Consequence. Later, another video went viral when Kim posted a video of her daughter and herself dancing and swung around, lip syncing to Bomba Estéreo’s “To My Love.” 

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3. When She Took Part In Kanye’s Music Video

For Kanye’s music video, Closed on Sunday, the whole Kardashian Klan—from Kris to Kourtney—can be seen doing various odd things in the desert. But it was North who steals the show, modelling space buns and a blue hoodie, performing her own solo screaming sequence. Don’t believe me? Watch here. 

3. Having Her Solo Moment At Sunday(s) Service

Okay, the Paris Fashion Show wasn’t the only time Kanye let her first daughter take the stage. During Kanye’s various Sunday Service gospel, North has been spotted dancing and singing along to tracks on her dad’s recent album, Jesus is King. She was always at the frontline, by the way

4. Her Iconic Fashion Statement 

I mean, she’s the first born to Kim and Kanye after all. So basically she was already a fashionista ever since she was a young age. Often spotted on the fashion week front rows, we wouldn’t be surprised if North has her own clothing line by the time she’s an adult—following her mum and dad’s footsteps. Remember when she starred in that Fendi campaign, or when she was on the cover of Interview Magazine with her mum?)