5 Things You Should Know Before Going On A Date At Tiffin

Not sure where to chill with your boo this weekend? Are you a couple of food lovers? Tiffin has got you covered for a foodgasm date!

As usual, it’s filled with insta-worthy spots, beautifully decorated with perfect, romantic lighting and a very hipster ambiance. But that’s just the cherry on top! Food hunters, you’d want to devour are all the good food at Tiffin, right behind The Gasket Alley in PJ. After all, good food makes a good date!

Here’s what you need to before embarking on a food tasting adventure…

1. Food theme changes every single week 

Spicy lovers, this is your week because it’s ‘The Meltdown Week’! Fun fact, spicy foods are an aphrodisiac, which is a good thing for you to spark some romance for the night. You know, what we’re talking about?

2. Expect carnival-like meals 

Don’t expect to get heavy meals like rice and tom yam soup or nasi lemak. But with plenty of options like delicious beef wagyu, fresh oysters, corndogs and many more, you’ll be spoilt for choices till you wouldn’t know what to choose! Plus you get to savour specialties from different stalls.

3. It’s all cashless! 

That’s right, Tiffin 2019 is all about going cashless! So bring your credit/debit cards. You can also bring your own containers and the best part, you’ll be rewarded for it. Talk about saving the environment, yasss!

4. Yes, there’s alcohol too

You don’t need to hit the bar if you’re thirsty for alcoholic drinks. Get it chilled at Tiffin – choose from beer, wine and cocktails. You can even get your fortune read by a fortune teller when you purchase a drink from Nomitomo KL.

5. Be sure to dress up to take lots of Insta-Worthy shots 

Or not – but if you’re looking to up your Instagram game, Tiffin has lots of Instagrammable spots for you to snap photos. Take a few cute photos with your partner or get your man to be the ultimate Insta-boyfriend!

Are you excited to visit Tiffin?