5 Things You Should Do To Celebrate Christmas Season

Christmas is such a magical time to celebrate with friends and family. Plus, imagine sharing a kiss under the mistletoe with your partner!

Everyone loves Christmas – maybe there’s just something in the air, but it could probably be the spirit of giving, candy canes and vivid decorations.

Such is love for the holidays. Here are five things you can do to celebrate the festive season.

1. Watch a heartwarming Christmas movie

This year’s most anticipated Christmas movie, Last Christmas, stars our homeboy Henry Golding, homegirl Michelle Yeoh, alongside Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. Of course, we must say that Henry Golding is charming and otherworldly in this movie, you can’t find another guy like him. Emilia Clarke plays the scatterbrained retail-store elf who dreams of being a Broadway singer. Michelle Yeoh plays her boss, “Santa,” and you’ll soon find that she isn’t as cold as she appears to be.

Scheduled to release on the 28th of November, Last Christmas is set in London, and it makes us feel ever-so-ready to celebrate the festive season with mead and candy canes. One of us almost booked a flight there – the scenery was just like any other day in the wet, snowy December of London, with Santa’s magic touch. The movie sheds light on several sensitive subjects, like Brexit, mental health and homelessness.

Overall, it was a fun, heartwarming Christmas movie, and it’s perfect for your bestie who may be a Game of Thrones fan, or if they have a crush on Henry Golding. And if you need some Christmas feels before you end up becoming a total holiday scrooge, this movie will lift you up in the season of giving.

2. Invest in cosy Christmas sweaters

Sure, we may be living in, like, the warmest country ever but who says we can’t turn the AC up and indulge in some adorable (and totally not ugly) Christmas sweaters? The selections that we have available are so cute, with reindeer embroidery, season’s greetings and the warmth of capitalism to thank your investment.

3. Have a Christmas meal

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What’s Christmas without some home-made comfort food? If you don’t fancy cooking a five-course meal for yourself, check out this yummy Christmas spread by Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. The feast at Melting Pot Cafe features freshly-made bread, heartwarming cream of asparagus soup, whole turkey and Yorkshire pudding, a comprehensive cheese selection and sweet Christmas fruit cake.

4. Take a Christmas-themed vacation

If you’re looking to get out and go on a Christmas-themed vacation, we’ve got some good news! Hong Kong Disneyland is the place you’ll want to visit to taste a bit of winter magic, and Arendelle. Every girl’s dreamland is turning Frozen for Christmas with charming characters like Elsa, Anna, and of course, the ever-so-friendly Olaf!

5. Put up a Christmas tree in your own home

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Christmas trees are great, even if you’re not a fan of plants because there are fake ones. Put up a Christmas tree, string it up with fairy lights and add some Yuletide decorations for a touch of winter wonderland. You can do this with your best friends too – and we’ve got a tip here, don’t take the tree down! Have it hanging around for other celebrations like Chinese New Year where you can decorate it with red packets.