5 Things You Can Relate To If You’re “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Growing up doesn’t stop you from being his favourite daughter (he loves all his children the same but you’re his favourite, of course).

Whether it’s watching TV together or listening to you rant or even turning your bedroom lights off at night, there’s something special in your father-and-daughter bond that cannot be replaced.

Being daddy’s little girl never gets old, especially if he’s your very best friend! Here are some things you can relate to if you’re a daddy’s little girl… even until today!

1. Your dad never misses an opportunity to tell a dad joke…

… because you’ll laugh and you actually find it pretty funny. Your dad is the funniest man in the whole world, even though his dad jokes can be quite cringe-worthy. You won’t tell him that, though!

2. You know how you should be treated by men

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The best dad ever! 💕

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Your dad treats you like a princess, so why should you expect anything less? Your dad will open doors for you and serve you first at the dinner table. If you’ve gone out ’til late at night, your dad will probably insist on picking you up from the location or even stay up and wait for you to come home. As daddy’s girl, you will always be his #1.

3. Your dad is your BFF, even when doing millennial things

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You probably think you’re too much of an adult to be your dad’s real BFF but he tries to take an interest in your life anyway. He’ll queue with you for bubble tea and watch the Netflix series that you like (even though he’d rather watch WWE, he’ll stick with Riverdale because it’s what his daughter likes).

4. Even though you’re pretty tough yourself, your dad still stands up for you…

… because you’ll always be his little girl. When you get in trouble with mom (she’s probably the disciplinarian here), you’ll go to him for comforting words, and hopefully, he’ll persuade your mom to let you off the hook. He’s never really angry with you but sometimes pretends to be for your own sake.

5. Your dad is your biggest cheerleader

Yep – when you were just about to graduate, your dad is the first one to hug and congratulate you, even though you didn’t graduate as the valedictorian. When you got your first job, your dad celebrated it by giving you an allowance (“But dad… I’m working!”). When it’s your birthday, he’s been sending you “happy birthday” messages since a week ago… because he’s simply 100% proud that you’re his daughter.

Happy Father’s Day to every dad in the world! We love you!