5 Things To Know Before Moving In With Your Partner

After being together for so long, naturally, the next step into the relationship is — moving in together! Co-habiting can be exciting at first, but at the same time, you’re quite intimidated by it. This may make or break your relationship.

What if you move in a decision he’s no longer the one? How some of his habits like not putting down the toilet seat tick you? Worst, will he still love you after seeing the “real” you in sweatpants and messy buns?

There are so many things to consider before going on a forever sleepover with your significant other. Here’s what you need to know before the big move!

1. Get real with money 

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This can be a real issue even with long-term couples. However, you’re moving in with each other, so you should also be comfortable enough to talk about each other’s financial status. It’s essential that you get real with money and learn about each other’s behaviour when it comes to expenses as well as savings.

This will be your first time managing money together for rent, bills, utilities and many more. Ignore the financial talk and there’ll be lots of disagreements and dissatisfaction with each other.

2. Know that you’ll be in for some shocking revelations 

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Get ready to embrace the different side of your S.O! You may think you know your partner in and out but living together is going to show a whole new side, from the best to ugliest habits your partner may carry. Even petty things like making the bed or helping out around the house can be a huge deal-breaker for some. Be prepared and allow each other the chance to tolerate and change (if necessary). After all, we’re only humans!

3. Your individual lifestyle might change 

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Living in your own personal space, you’ll get to do whatever you want without compromising the other person’s space. You get to leave your dirty clothes on the floor, not make your bed, decorate the space to your own liking and others. However, once you’ve started living with your partner, you’ll have to make some lifestyle adjustments.  Or maybe your eating habits will change from eating microwavable meals to actually cooking!

4. You might piss off each other unintentionally 

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It’s normal to get irritated by your partner from time to time. But living together will give more opportunity for those little moments of annoyance. Things like leaving the dirty dishes or even just wanting some “time alone”. These may lead to arguments but know that all of you really need is to understand the lifestyle difference. Breathe and hold your thoughts before it leaves your mouth because remember, words sting!

5. Be spontaneous  
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Some may say that moving in with each other is fun and exciting until you get bored with each other. You’ll be seeing each other so often, there’ll be no time to miss each other.  The fear of running out words to your beau is real! One way to keep the fire burning is to just be spontaneous. Spice your mundane routine by doing something unexpected for each other like breakfast in bed, home-cooked candlelight dinner or showering together right before you leave for work!