5 Steps To Shield Your Skin From The Haze

Bad news for everyone, the haze is coming back, thanks to open burning and forest fires from the nearby regions of Sumatra. It’s not just your immune system that suffers, your face does too.

Pollutants may cause clogged pores, acne breakouts, and accelerate the aging process due to increased free radical activity.

We’ll need to take extra steps to show our skin some TLC from now on. Here are five steps to help your skin fight the effects of the haze.

1. Cleanse deeply

Up your cleansing skills by double cleansing to get rid of all the extra layers of dirt and grime. Sweat, sebum and microfibers of dust will sit on the surface layer of your skin so you really need to pay extra attention to cleansing at the moment. Use an oil-based cleanser to get rid of the first layer of pollutants and then a foam cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly. Emerged fresh-faced and unbothered in a world clouded by the haze.

2. Keep your skin hydrated

Remember to moisturize your skin daily as dehydrated skin won’t be able to do it’s job of keeping pollutants out. A generous layer of moisturizer will also act as a barrier between your skin and pollutants, besides locking in all the goodness from skincare products. Pack as much moisture as you can into your skincare routine besides moisturizing such as using a moisturizing toner, hyaluronic acid and facial oils. If you’ve been hoarding those sheet masks in your collection for quite a while now, it’s time to bring them out. Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out as well.

3. Stay indoors

It’s not ideal but it’s best practice to stay indoors in the cosy comfort of the air-conditioned room when the haze is raging on outside. Besides the haze, particles of exhaust fumes from vehicles will stick to the outer surface of your skin and clogged pores. What’s the best thing about staying indoors? You’ll be away from the haze, and you won’t be breathing in it too, thank goodness!

4. Up your sunblock game

You probably won’t see much of the sun with the haze but it’s still important to put some sunblock on. Besides shielding your skin from harmful UV rays, sunblock acts as a barrier between your skin and pollutants. Yep, sunblock can prevent clogged pores too, and is especially useful in this hazy weather.

5. Fight pollution with antioxidants

Antioxidants can help fight off damage from free radicals caused by pollutants, which will accelerate the aging process because it messes with collagen production. You won’t see the effects now but what’s to say that the damage won’t show up 10 years later? Besides eating foods rich in antioxidants, search for skincare products like serums which contain Vitamin C, green tea, and Vitamin E to stimulate antioxidant production in your skin.

Ladies, let’s beat the haze before the haze beats us! How do you protect your skin from the haze? Let us know in the comments below.