5 Spots That You Think Is Safe To Have Sex But Is Not

While some speculate that this could just be a publicity stunt by the nightclub, we can’t help but wonder how many couples actually have sex in public spaces? Anything for the thrill right?

In Malaysia, lovemaking in public spaces can actually lead you to some charges under acts of public indecency. According to Ask Legal, you could be charged under Section 294(a) of the Penal Code which states :-

“Whoever, to the annoyance of others— (a) does any obscene act in any public place…shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with fine or with both.”

Well if you are one of those thrill seekers, here are 5 potential sex spots that you think is safe but is actually NOT!

1. In a car parked at a dodgy-ass carpark 

You’d be thinking, it’s okay as long as you park your car at a secluded area. But that’s exactly where the cops patrol, especially late at night. Imagine being the only car parked under that dark Petaling Jaya bridge? So yes, car-parks is a big no-no!

2. The store’s changing room  

While some clothing stores do allow couples to enter the same changing room, does not mean they don’t monitor the fitting room. You may think those department stores with unguarded fitting rooms are free for you to take advantage of but remember – there are eyes everywhere! Someone may just complain about the noises or how long you are in the changing room.

3. Getting down and dirty in the cinema halls 

Big mistake! For some reason, people think it’s completely safe to do it in the cinema. The staff at the cinema do check up on you guys. PS I’ve personally worked at the movie theaters before and you no idea how many times I’ve caught people doing it! Take it from me, you don’t want to be judged. No matter how dark and empty the theater hall is, just don’t because we can see YOU.

4. Sex on the beach – Pun intended 

You’re on the perfect date at the beach, the stars are shinning and suddenly things start to get a little steamy. Next thing you know, your hands are under each other’s clothes. While there aren’t many beach goers late at night, there might be other things lurking on the shore. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. SPOOKY!

5. Joining the high-mile club 

Well what’s more thrilling that doing it up in the air, literally! If you aren’t familiar with the term, the high-mile club is slang for people who’ve had sexual intercourse on board during a flight. Depending on the laws of the country to which the aircraft is registered and where the aircraft is landing, you could be in trouble of breaking other laws in relation to public indecency. Should you still decide to partake in this risky act, pray that the crews find it funny enough to let you go.

All in all, better to skip public sex and just do it in a closed room or hotel. Stay safe, stay protected!