5 Signs You’re About To Leave Your Boyfriend For An Ex Lover

Every partner’s worst nightmare is knowing that the person they’re in a relationship with might still be into their ex. But what if it’s you who’s still hung up on your ex? Here are five clear signs that you simply can’t forget your ex.

1. You feel lonely and disconnected 

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Perhaps it’s because of previous incidents that lead you to put your guard up. Everything that your partner does reminds you of your previous relationship. Figure out if you’re just afraid of the past happening all over again or it’s because you want that relationship back.

2. Hoping for moments where you’ll bump into your ex

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A major red flag is when you secretly fantasize bumping into your ex. This could be at places like weddings or a mutual friend’s party. Although, this does not necessarily mean that you want to get back with your ex, rather wanting to prove that you’re better off with the current partner. Still, if you’re happy with your relationship, is it necessary for you to prove a point to an ex? Past is past.

3. You have checklist aka comparison list 

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Is that checklist made to find your dream partner or a comparison list? For all you know, you could just be holding high standards of what your partner should be based on your ex. For example, your ex used to bring you flowers for no occasion and you expect your current partner to do the same. But remember, love languages differ to each individual. Don’t be so quick to judge!

4. Thinking that nobody can ever get you as your ex could 

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You constantly think, “If *insert ex name*, he would have don’t this or said that.” Remember, it’s an ex for a reason. Something just didn’t work and that’s you had to let go. Keep an open mind to what your current partner can bring to the table.

5. Thinking of what-ifs 

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It sucks but sometimes, you can’t help but ponder on what-if situations. If you were still with your ex, what will your wedding look like, how many kids will you have, what kind of life will both have – move on! You chose to be in this current relationship. If you’re not ready, it’s time to let go.