5 Signs Your Long-Term Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Marry You

You are in a relationship, things seemed kind of okay. But suddenly you realise, you’re already in your 30s and not married. It’s not like you’re single, YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND.

So you asked yourself, “Why hasn’t he proposed yet?”and “Will I end up marrying him?” Well girl, turns out you’ve been with a person who doesn’t want to get hitched. Here are 5 signs that your relationship may not be on the path to marriage.

1. There is NO “We” and “Us”

If they use “I” or “me” often instead of “we” and “us”, it simply means that they do not see you as the person they want to spend the rest of their future with. Perhaps they’re not confident that you’re the one yet but this is still a big red flag.

2. You Break Up And Get Back Together Regularly

Breaking up and getting back together may not necessarily be a bad thing. However, if you keep getting back together without giving yourselves time to grow, then you’re just running back to the same problems and the outcome will always be the same.

3.  Your partner is always negative

Is your partner always insecure or skeptical about your relationship and constantly having mood swings? Reality check a marriage is not going to change things or solve any of those problems and probably you both don’t feed off each other’s vibe well!

4. You both communicate horribly with each other 

Perhaps you both have different love language? Or you’re just not comfortable with each other. Sometimes, one demands too much communication while the other talks less. Again, it seems like you both are compatible enough to make the other want to marry you. If he can’t tell you why he’s upset, we highly doubt he’ll get down on knees to woo you.

5. He hasn’t told you how much you mean to him 

A good relationship is one where your partner is certain about what they love about you and this can be seen when they tell you how much they love that fact about you. If your partner has not brought up what he values about you, it’s likely that they have not put thought into it and have probably not giving any thought on you in the long term.