5 Signs That Show Your Partner Loves You More Than You Love Them

For some of you, it may sound horrible but it’s actually pretty common to feel like your partner loves you more than you love them—or vice versa. But bear in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean something’s wrong with your relationship. As long as you’re on the same path together as a couple and are exclusive, these feelings are pretty normal. 

However, as your loves grow fonder, you may notice some of the signs below that could indicate your significant other might love you way more than you love them.

1. They Apologize All The Time (Even When They Don’t Need To)

If your partner apologizes a lot, or when it’s not exactly necessary, it could be their way of showing the love by keeping the peace. This shows an undying loyalty that one person may be more in love and willing to be a bit dishonest just to protect the other person in the relationship. I mean, they’re willing to make peace rather than to continue arguing. Even if it’s your fault they’d still be the one to reach out. 

2. They Send Longer Texts Than You Do

Long detailed texts are generally a sign someone is head-over-heels. If your partner sends lengthier messages. At this point, you should know that they are more into you than you are them. It’s a sign they’re excited to talk to you, you’re the person they’re thinking about. The text ratio will be something like 70/30 meaning that your partner initiates 70 percent of the time while you only initiate 30 percent of the time.

3. They’re The One Who Makes All The Plans

Okay, let’s think about who always comes up with date night ideas, or who chooses the movie to watch, or which restaurant to go to. If your answer is ‘’Duhh, my partner all the time’’, then it’s a clear sign they love you, want to see you, and that they prioritize your relationship. And it may just be your dynamic; that they’re the planner, and you’re the one who goes along. 

4. They Remember And Pay Attention To Everything You Say

If your partner is the one who remembers the name of the place of your first date, what you wore to last week’s birthday party and the date of your anniversary, it could mean that they’re more invested in this than you are. I’m not saying that you don’t buuutt.. do the math. Even though you might both be doing kind things for each other, your partner likely goes above and beyond by really paying attention to the details.

5. You’ve Met Their Parents, But They’re Yet To Met Yours

Okay, the last major signs that show your partner are into you more is that you have met your partner’s family and friends but they haven’t met yours. This says your partner thinks it’s important for you to meet the most important people in their life because you are important and they see a future with you. With you not reciprocating you take the chance of hurting your partner’s feelings and them questioning your loyalty. Now, wake up and make some moves!