5 Sex Podcasts You Can Tune Into Right Now

Sure, podcasts bring so much entertainment into your everyday life. They’re the perfect companion to nearly all of life’s mundane tasks; cooking, cleaning, chilling. And if you’re ready to kick it up some notch because you’re so bored and horny and in need of so much tips and tricks, these podcasts are sure to give you some seriously amazing ideas to try in the bedroom. 

So sit back and relax and enjoy these five podcast because your sex life deserves it. 

Call Her Daddy 

Call Her Daddy puts women in charge of the conversation—two roommates, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Frankly discussing the same dating issues you and your besties do. Addressing such topics as “How to Keep Them Interested During a Quarantine” and “Post-Sex Tape Regret,” the NYC based girls advice is both effective, hilarious, and may teach you a lil something about a thing called post-nut clarity, too.


Best friends Kathy Tu and Tobin Low explore today’s LGBTQ+ experience one podcast episode at a time. They feature queer stories, conversations, and what it means to be inclusive in a world that often isn’t. While Nancy first kicked off in 2017, their site features its own starter kit, a place to catch you up on all the action right away with their best, most popular episodes that’ll get you started.

Where Should We Begin

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I think, in general, when people live in acute stress, either the cracks in their relationship will be amplified or the light that shines through the cracks will be amplified. You get an amplification of the best and of the worst. To watch the full video and to read my interview with @rachsyme of @newyorkermag , click the link in my profile bio.

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You’ve probably heard of Esther Perel. She’s an iconic couples therapist who just happens to have a super amazing accent (which is undoubtedly soothing as you listen to her speak about your biggest relationship and sex qualms). She invites you to step into her office while she takes on the struggles of real life couples. Feeling like your relationship needs a romantic revival? Or looking for an upside to divorce?

Girls Gotta Eat

If you’re a single woman in 2020, you know it’s rough out there. And so do Rayna and Ashley, hosts of Girls Gotta Eat. From their “Is This Weird?” segment where they answer listeners’ strangest relationship questions, to sexual “cumming of age” stories, seriously, no boundaries here. 

How Cum

After reaching the ripe old age of 28 without ever experiencing an orgasm, comedian Remy Kassimir made it her mission to help women around the world to have their first orgasm. Join Remy and her “Cumpanions” as they discuss female pleasure and what it takes to reach that big O, by someone who truly understands the difficulties of getting there.