5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Bosses, Not Companies

“Employees leave bosses, not companies.” – Marcus Buckingham, author and business consultant

Most of us have heard of this statement at some point in our career, as it turns out, it might be true. Data from a survey done by Gallup, an American analysis and advisory company showed that about 50% of employees quit their job due to their managers or bosses.

Here’s the thing – research shows that employees who quit tend to be the most valuable. These are employees who feel like they deserve better because they work so hard. They’re also the kind of people who know that they can find better options out there. Looks like bosses gotta step up their game if they wanna keep the crème de la crème of the office.

1. Employees want opportunities to advance in their career

In this era, employees aren’t content with just staying at one place within the company. If they’re committed to their career, they’ll definitely take the leap. Loyalty is where the next step up is. Bosses should ask and share their vision for the company with their employees and provide opportunities where they can grow and climb up the career ladder in the company.

2. Employees seek a better work-life balance

Unlike our parents, millennial employees aren’t fans of overtime, whether we get paid or not (preferably paid). Instead, we seek a better work-life balance simply because we have a life. Overworking can be counterproductive as it results in tired, unhappy employees who eventually quit their jobs. Discuss with your employees about their deadlines and how you can work together to meet the target.

3. Employees are unsatisfied with the company culture

It’s important for a good boss to create a company culture filled with warmth and friendship. After all, everyone in your team works together towards the same goal. Studies show that company culture significantly impacts an employees reason for leaving, at about 26%. One small thing bosses can do is encourage everyone in the team to go out for lunch together and bond, to get to know each other.

4. Employees feel undervalued and unappreciated

Sometimes, issues aren’t communicated within managers and employees, which results in surprising and disappointing performance reviews. This can cause an employee to feel like their contribution is unappreciated. If you’re a boss babe, remember to give constructive feedback to your employees so you can give them a fair performance review.

5. Employees can’t get along with their boss

Sometimes, it’s not the employees fault if their boss is unreasonable, right? If a majority of employees can’t get along with the same boss, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Management matters, but leadership matters more. Micromanagement isn’t exactly favorable because employees will feel like you don’t trust them. As a boss, you have to be on guard, but you don’t have to check up on everyone or everything. Trust your employees and they will begin to appreciate you.

Of course, people leave their jobs for many reasons, bad bosses are just one of them. Why did you quite your job? Share your experience with us.