5 Really Pretty Easy Hairstyles For Long, Curly Hair

Curly hair is goddamn gorgeous! But maintaining it, well definitely need some TLC for that. Otherwise, they’ll dry out or becomes this unruly mane!

There are mornings where you just love wearing your long, curly hair down but there some days, you feel like doing your hair up. If you haven’t had the slightest clue of what hairstyle you can do to curly, springy hair, we’ve got you covered. Here are five pretty, easy hairstyles for long, curly hair!

1. Tight & High Ponytail 

So effin’ simple to do, it’s a no brainer for lazy days. All you need is some mousse, apply it to the hair roots, gather your curls and tie it tightly into a high ponytail. You can even change it up into a half-ponytail too!

2. Sexy, loose bun 

Perfect for a casual day out or a glamourous, evening gala! Tie your hair into a bun and let some curls fall naturally to your face. Put it some bobby pins if you want and lock it all with a finishing spray. You’re done!


3. Braided pigtails with bushy curls 

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– 💖Tutorial coming soon 💖 – Just came back from watching Bruno Mars… WOW 😫 So much talent I’m taken back. Who is keen to see how I created this look? Comment below ✨

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This is so cute! We love how the ends of the braid just show off the bushy locks. But you may have to work on your braiding skills to do this hairdo. Lucky you, there’s a tutorial right here.
4. Add colours with bandana/headscarf 

The possibility is endless with bandanas! You can tie it however you want but the easiest would be to tie it like a headband. But if you’re not too sure on how to tie it, just get a hairband!


5. Double barrettes

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Speaking of hair accessories, barrettes/ hair clips can do wonder to your hair. Part your long curls right in the middle, tie in a ponytail and clip in your favourite barrette!