5 Real Reasons On Why You’re Craving For Salty, Sinful Snacks

There are just some days where we just want to stuff a bag of delicious potato chips or any salty, junk food! The minute it touches your tongue, you feel good and happy.

But guess what, it’s not because you’re “craving” for salty food, it’s much deeper than that.

1. You’re dehydrated 

A woman drinking a Boxed Water carton

Your body could be begging for some water if you’re searching for salty goods. Either you’re not drinking enough of fluids or dehydration from a bad stomach ache. So drink up before you reach for that bag of chips!

2. Vigorous workout sesh 

woman seriously performing gym exercise

Shocking that you would be searching for salty, oily french fries after working out. But there’s a scientific reason to it – loss of sweat! After an intense workout, your body would perspire and this can decrease the level of salt in your body. It’s only natural that the sodium loss would makeup you crave so bad for salt!

3. Stress, stress, stress, baby! 

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

Under a lot of pressure? No wonder you’re longing for salty food. Your body would react mentally and physically to stress. Unfortunately, this includes indulging in a whole lot of salty goodness!

4. You’re experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 

Salty cravings creeping in before your period week? You’re not alone and it’s absolutely normal for women to want all kinds of food! Yes, this includes salty, sinful treats. You can blame it all on hormonal shifts and fluctuations!

But rather than you indulging in salty food, increase your water intake to help with bloating, swollen hands and tenderness in breasts.

5. Bad diet! 

woman in maroon long-sleeved shirt holding fork over fries

It is also possible that your body “needs” salty food because your current diet consists of a lot of processed and fast food. You’re probably used to eating food with higher amounts of salt in their meals and that’s why you’re always searching for it. The next time you’re reaching out for the salt shaker, think again – do you really need that extra pinch of salt?