5 Questions To Ask Before Complaining About Your BF To Someone

After being in a relationship for a very long time, it’s a natural thing for the couple’s relationship go down south. When you laugh, you’ll also cry. You might even argue so much, that the stress and tiredness of always arguing make you want to call it quits.

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But you love him and you want to work things out. So what do you do? You would seek advice from your mom, best friend, girlfriends or even close colleagues. A pretty common thing to do. Not so fast, though! Sharing all the dirty details of your relationship isn’t always a good idea. Before you vent out your frustrations, consider these factors!

1. Are you putting your partner down? 

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Complaining about your partner being jobless for months or him not being good in bed to your confidant will allow outsiders to judge your relationship. It won’t do you any good as it will only add fuel but it will also shame him. When you fix things up with your partner, others will still be talking about that “vent” sesh you had about him.

2. Is what you’re sharing going to make your partner look bad? 

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Sharing a general or overview of your argument with your partner is fine but when you go in details, it might seem one-sided. He isn’t there to defend himself! Save the deets for intimate confrontation with your S.O instead.

3. Are you talking to a mutual friend? 

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You may think talking to a mutual friend would be a good step in fixing the argument. Oh, no honey! The closer that friend is to your partner, the more reason for you to not vent to that person. Think about it, if that friend is close to your boo, he/she might just share your “secrets” to your BF. The whole thing could just backfire!

4. Are you disclosing your partner’s secret? 

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Let’s be real, you are most likely to know most of your partner’s secrets. No matter how difficult times can get with the relationship, it’s important that you keep the secret to yourself. Remember, once you’ve lost someone’s trust, it’s hard to earn it back.

5. Have you had the same conversation with your S.O? 

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Before complaining about a bad situation with your friends, have you discussed it with your partner? Sharing things with others more than with your partner is a major red flag. Plus, it will seem like you’re not making any effort to fix things up. Instead, you’re just complaining.