5 Breakup “Survival Urges” You Don’t Need To Act On

Breaking up tough and even harder to get over it. The thing about breakup is that only you can help yourself get out of this s***hole. When you read articles on how to get over a bad breakup, most would recommend you to do something you’ve never done before. In this process of discovering yourself, one might tend to go a little overboard with the whole ‘do something you’ve never done before’.

Here are the mistakes that nobody ever talks about on how to survive a breakup.

1. Chopping all your hair off 

We’ve seen it one too many times to know the outcome of it. Sometimes, it works and other times it’s a fail! You get this impromptu feeling to just cut your long gorgeous hair because it somewhat signify ‘freedom’. If you really want to get a new hairdo, think about it for at least a week – just to be sure.

2. Rebound? Slow down! 

Sure it could make you feel better, for a little while. But what happens after that? When you’re all alone again, the sadness comes creeping right back and you’re back to square one. We don’t want you to feel sorry for yourself…

3. Binge eating your heart out 

For some reason, the movies always picture girls eating a full tub of ice-cream, chocolate bars, cakes and whip cream. Heck girl, don’t be putting all that into your mouth just because you’re grieving. Binge eating won’t make you feel any better once the pounds hit your waist and thighs. So if you’re holding a chocolate bar  in your hands, STOP.

4. Don’t plan on getting a better looking guy to make your ex jealous

No…no…no… Let’s revisit point no.2 because this seems like a rebound case. You might even  be lying to yourself, that you like this guy because he’s cute and all. Another thought would be, “Bringing that cute guy with you to that party so the ex will regret breaking up with you.” Why? You have nothing to prove to him. Let him be and you just do you! Go out and have fun because YOU want to have fun.

5. Post breakup shopping 

Save your cash and don’t do retail therapy after a shitty breakup. It won’t do you and your savings any good. Again, those are short-term happiness (probably only for a day) and after that, you’ll feel the sting. You worked hard to earn a good living. Don’t throw it all away for some dumb-ass guy. Like can you imagine getting dumped and broke at the same time? Us too.